DISNEY | Disney's Marie Haul From Primark

Thursday, March 15, 2018

I know I’ve been sharing quite a few Disney related posts recently and they will be a feature going forward as well.

Marie is a favourite if mine and it’s so lovely to see so many Marie products in Primark and there is more to be released soon according to some of the Disney accounts I follow on Instagram.
So far, I have been quite restrained, but this might only be because my local Primark hasn’t got some of the things I know I want. A Marie bedding set is high up on my list and I’m torn about getting the Marie blanket as I already have a lot of blankets.

I’ve picked up the Marie Lunch bag, I’ve had a few of these little bags over the last couple of years and they are really handy to take my lunch to work. I have one permanently in the fridge at work which I keep condiments in and it’s quite handy as the cleaners don’t mess with it when they do the Friday muck out (Not so great when I was off for 7 weeks as I’d left a sliced lemon in a Tupperware tub in it but that’s a whole other story) I’ve also used these as makeup bags on holiday. I tend to put my make up and toiletries in carrier bags for travel to allow for leaks but when I’ve arrived these come in handy as they are roomy and are big enough to keep everything in one place without taking up too much room.

Another one of my Primark favourites is the little foldaway bags. These are great to keep in my bag, so I don’t have to buy a bag while I’m out and they take up no space at all. Sadly, I haven’t quite mastered folding them up as neatly as when you buy them.

My final item for this little haul is fluffy socks. Since my back has been bad my feet have been freezing and I’m constantly drawn to buying fluffy bed socks when I saw they Marie cosy socks I had to get them. They are comfy, warm and most importantly they don’t cut my circulation off as I sleep!

I’m excited to see what other Disney items they get in and more importantly I want to see more Marie items. 



Monday, March 12, 2018

 As you might know, I joined a facebook book club at the start of the year called Bookish Mama's. Its not just for mums. Anyone can join but it's run by parent bloggers and their links are at the bottom of the post. 

There is a facebook group where we vote for the next month's books and can discuss how we're getting on with the books and share recommendations. Its a very positive space and I've found it doesn't matter if you love or hate the book there is always someone to offer support and encouragement along the way. 

At the end of the month, the organisers do a facebook live where we discuss the book. The first month I was there for the full live and this month I only managed to catch the second half and I still haven't got round to watching it (sorry) 

Before each live the questions we're going to cover are posted and so far I've answered them myself before each live so I'm not influenced by other peoples opinions. However this month I have gone back over my answers and added in a couple of comments people made which I felt were relevant and that I found useful. 

One word of warning this post will contain spoilers and my post is my answers to the book club questions. Feel free to skip the rest of the post if you haven't read the book or are planning to. 

1.    What did you think of the book? 

It’s never a good thing opening a book review with “I can’t say I was a huge fan of the book”.

I struggled to get past the first 40 or so pages. I spent three weeks on those pages and the book was thrown across the room in frustration more than once. From posts in the group the reactions to the book was overwhelmingly positive and being part of the book club is the only thing that made me finish the book. I was aware it was YA but I wasn’t sure what level. I’ve seen the term middle grade banded about but in reality, I don’t know what middle grade actually is.

The book felt like an indulgence and an excuse to be patronising, the use of “big” words which needed a three-line explanation. Making up words again with a three-line looking them up in the dictionary.

I felt like it was aimed at 9-11 years old but I don’t feel the subject matter would sit all that well with that age group.  A mix of going over their heads, not being interesting and not being a whole lot of fun. I’m thinking back to the people in my English classes in High School and I can’t imagine them giving us this book to read and we read some odd books. (in my opinion – I’m sure they were all national curriculum approved at the time)

I only liked 3 or 4 characters in this book and they saved this book for me and only one of them was a big player. I do find I’m often more drawn to the bit players than the stars in the book recently.

It was well after page 90 that I found my pace and managed to finish the book in three tram rides (which is how I measure my reading speed (35-40 min sittings of just reading))

The book made me, angry and sweary and I found it helpful to make notes in the book as I went. I use pens with erasable ink so I can technically rub out any comments, but most of the comments say “FFS”.

2. What did you think of the main character, Henry? Was she well-rounded?

My overall impression of Henry was that she was a spoiled self-indulgent brat which I was surprised to find was a teenager and not an eight year old. I felt that she was pulled together so many different aspects of what you want for the main protagonist that she missed the mark for me.

I also found her incredibly dull and not the brightest button. One of the notes I wrote was "Thicker than Harry Potter when he received a Broom Stick shaped parcel" Most of my FFS moments came from the things she thought, and I think this is why I kept assuming she was younger than she was, and I was almost gleeful that they forgot her Birthday. Mean I know but she really did rub me up the wrong way.

Partly some of the era came into how she processed her thoughts and I did expect more from her. I was expecting a little more drama and it seemed like her highlight was to be allowed to answer the telephone.

3. What did the ‘parent’ figures contribute, especially Nanny?

Personally, I hated nanny Jane more than Henry. I hated that she was referred to as Nanny Jane all the blooming time. Could we not just call her Jane who is the nanny. I found her overbearing and not all likeable in any way, shape or form. I found myself wishing she’d been carted off to Helldon. I did assume she was in cahoots with the good doctor and found that whole plot a bit confusing. Was she? wasn’t she?  

Towards the end of the book it was clear she wasn’t but despite the era it would have been good if she could have stood up to the doctor, if only about the baby. It seems like she’d been with the family a while and “raised” Henry and Robert and her job was to be the Nanny and look after Children, there was no real need for her to be so passive apart from the era and bowing down to orders however from how strong she had been to Henry, keeping communication from her father from her. Making sure she didn’t see her Mother it hinted at quite a strong personality which was completely side tracked. I could have made quite a good plot twist if she’d been portrayed as meek and timid earlier in the book.

4. How effectively did the novel portray treatment of mental health in the early 20th century?

It didn’t really, it hinted at it and skirted round the edges, but it didn’t really address anything. Clearly as a children’s book it wouldn’t go into graphic details (but it did mention a few possible treatments) I don’t think anyone who read it who didn’t know about mental illness would get those themes from the book and not enough to be able to effectively discuss them in an open forum. I don’t think this books aim was to focus on mental health and while talking about mental health is always a good thing and not something we should shy away from it didn’t seem to be the focus and there was no real discussion or explanation, it was just something that was there to potentially explain some of the other story lines. It would have been a very different book if they had had that as the focus and for YA I’m not sure it was needed, and I hate myself for defending it on that point.

5. What did you think had happened to Robert?

My first thought that the mother had done something, maybe caused a fire that had resulted in his death. There was a lot of references to burns, smoke and with her clearly being in some sort of a breakdown it didn’t confirm either way if this was grief, PND or something like cancer. How the father reacted and seemed cold towards his wife, especially buggering off to Italy as soon as they move in. 

I later dismissed this as and went on to assume Henry had set him or the house on fire with her candle to get him in trouble with tragic consequences. With her having dreams of spoke and visions/hallucinations of her brother it seems more likely that she had been involved in his demise.

6. Who did you think Moth was? What did you think of her character’s development?

I assumed she was the owner of the house from the when we are first introduced to her, I don’t remember having any other thought. As implausible as it is that someone would fake their own death and then essentially go and live in the woods at the bottom of the garden is, I couldn’t really see her as anything but being connected to the house.

For me she was the books saviour of the book. If it wasn’t for her, Mr and Mrs (the cook) and the solicitor I don’t think I could have coped. I’m almost sad she moved into the other cottage and I either wanted her to stay in the woods or fall in love and run away with Truman or her son's friend.

She was warm, not very witch like and I loved she had a cat. The cat needed a bigger part. I wanted to know more about Moth and I would read a whole book about Moth. I think the name was perfect if not a bit contrived how Henry got to it. I do wish she’s said That’s not my name and gave a different one but I guess it could be seen as cute. I’m very cynical and as much as I liked Moth this was a bit much for me and I did groan a lot.

As I read the book I pictured her as an old wizened woman, but I realised during the Book Club chat that it was more likely she was in her late 40s and this changed a few of my thoughts and gave me hope for her. Then I remember it was a book and she had no future!  

7. Was the plot plausible enough, or did it not matter?

The overarching themes such as mental illness, families split apart by war, the need to work away and life at the time is plausible enough. The rescue of mama and piglet not so much. 

The overall execution of the story wasn’t well done in my opinion. There were evil elements such as the doctor which hinted at Mengele like tendencies before Mengele was even about but then as it’s a YA book only some “treatments” were mentioned. I do feel the editing stages probably reigned in some of the nastiness we as adults can see or were hinted and I think one of places we can see this clearly is with the doctor and his good wife when they seemed strong and insistent but then became very passive and this seemed to be a quick gear shift. Others I’ve mentioned such as Nanny Jane.

In the chat a few people mentioned they felt heart broken that the mother hadn’t ever held the baby and maybe it’s my stone-cold heart, I didn’t feel affected by that at all. Maybe because of my initial thought it was all her fault or just because you couldn’t get me to hold a baby for a million pounds.  

8. Does it shape your view of the book knowing that it is a young adult novel? How well do you think teenagers would cope with some of the ideas in the novel?

I think I have covered this above, I don’t think teens would engage with this book and it did seem that it was for the reading stage before YA (9-11 years)  I think with younger teens a lot would go over their heads and because a lot of themes are just skimmed I don’t think they would learn anything or get enough out of the book to spark a debate.

Someone in the chat mentioned they liked the references to other books and they expected this to sit well with younger readers who may want to go and explore those books. I hadn’t thought of this and maybe it is something as an adult that would go over my head.  

9. Was the plot original enough?

In a word no, but you know me why use one word when there are so many others.

The book does cover many topics and it does feel like they have all been done before and in much better ways. I can’t think of a book that I would exactly liken it to, but I think it pulls ideas and themes from a lot of other books.

I’m not a parent but if I was asked to recommend a book to a teen that covered similar themes I would probably go down the route of Good Night Mr Tom or Angelia’s Ashes. I realise neither are the same and are from a male perspective but other than a couple of mentions of gender bias I don’t really think it matters that Henry was a girl. (don’t shoot me for that)

10. What did you really enjoy about the book? Would you recommend it?

I liked the fountain pen and what Moth said to her son’s friend. I underlined it and wrote I like this in my copy.

Moth was the books saving grace and without the book club, I would not have got through it. I felt like there was so much more to Moth that we didn’t get to find out about. While a lot of her character development was shaky she had a lot to offer and now I’ve realised she’s much younger than my initial thoughts I’d love to know more about her and will she get it on with Trueman (Is there any FanFiction about this or is this just me?) or could there be a storyline with her son’s buddy? He was quite handy helping get her cottage habitable. Maybe Moth’s story shouldn’t be a YA book.

Now it’s over I want more but if you asked me to read it again, I would throw it at you.

Would I recommend it? As kindling? Yes. To read? No.  My swear-filled copy is heading to the recycling bin very shortly.

Good reads score 1.5 / 5 (half a point for Moth, The cat and the fountain pen)


LIFESTYLE | My Netflix Life - What I've been enjoying recently

Thursday, March 08, 2018

I’m a recently new to Netflix, I’ve had a free trial in the past, but I didn’t utilise it and stuck to watching old films that I’ve watched a million times.

This time around I have still watched old films. Just Go With It is one of my go-to films. It’s no Oscar winner by any stretch but there is something about that film that I love. I’ve got lost of “classics” in my List. Clueless, The Breakfast Club, and Legally Blonde 2. Please don’t judge my taste in films. I think I’m trying to relive my youth via my Netflix account.

I have also finally watched Gilmore Girls and why did I miss it the first time around? I haven’t watched the new 20 year later episodes yet. I almost don’t want to know what has happened. Also, if someone can find me my very own Luke Danes that would be much appreciated.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a welcome relief and far funnier than I expected it to be. I really enjoyed it as a series despite it being far-fetched and silly.

There are a few series that I’ve tried to watch but I just can’t get into. Jack Whitehall, Travels with my Father had a promising start, but I don’t feel drawn to watching anymore. I’ve also been recommended Peaky Blinders, but I can’t get past the first 30 minutes. Stranger Things scared me, I’ve been told to persevere as it’s not scary, but I can’t bring myself to press play on it.

I am currently obsessed with Once Upon a Time. The reason I started to watch it was because I was looking at Disney Bounding Ideas on Pinterest. (I want to go to Disneyland Paris and Disney Bound) and OUAT ideas kept popping up. I’ve only been watching it for about 10 days and I’m halfway through season 3. I love all the smouldering looks. I’m loving Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin and I want to go round saying “Hello Dearie” to everyone.

Gossip Girl was a programme I don’t really remember watching but I did start to re-watch it and I seem to know everything that is happening and therefore I have given up on it. I feel like I must have watched the first couple of series then gave up on it? Maybe? Should I carry on watching it?
A couple of nights ago I decided to have a browse and came across 2 programmes that I like the look of but after a couple of episodes, I don’t know if I will carry on watching. They are Schitt’s Creek and Greenhouse Academy. If you’ve watched either of these are they worth my time?

I haven’t attempted some of the more famous Netflix series such as Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the new black There is no real reason for not watching them but I just haven’t got round to them as yet.

There are a few things that I feel are missing from Netflix, some classics which I might talk about in another post but I’d love to know what you are watching and what do you think is missing?


LIFESTYLE | Albion Farm Shop & Cafe - A Sunday Roast

Monday, March 05, 2018

A few weeks ago, we all went out to celebrate what would have been my Grandads 90th Birthday, we knew we didn’t want to go too far as it always snows on his birthday (he’s been dead over 37 years) but his mum always said it was his present. (She never actually bought him a real present).

We decided to go to Albion Farm which technically is in walking distance of home, but I really wouldn’t want to walk there but I might be persuaded to walk home (it’s all downhill). It doesn't feel very far away in a car but it is up a fairly steep hill I'm not sure how far up the hill I would get. It's not just the hill up but the driveway from the road to the building is quite steep. The views are worth the trip and they have an outside area which would be lovely to sit out in nice weather. 

I have been before for breakfast which I have to say is top notch, but this time we all went for a Sunday roast. My dad has a bit of a thing about everyone ordering the same thing. He thinks it makes for a better dining experience as the food will be cooked all at the same time. (apologies to any chef’s out there, years of training and experience seem to pass him by. None of the rest of us thinks like this) but to be fair I tend to order the same as others, so I don’t get food envy and luckily, we all like the same kinds of food. 4 roast dinners and 2 pots of tea for two came to around £44 give or take a few pence which I think is pretty good value.

Albion Farm has a café and a farm shop selling their own farm products in the shop, they had the orangest carrots I think I've ever seen. I don't think my photo does them justice. 

They also have a wide range of other local producers products. Including Slateries Chocolate, Stuart Thornley Cakes, and other local farm products such as milk, eggs and Buckley’s muffins.

It's not just food products they also have gifts, cards and home products and I spotted some reed diffusers that looked interesting. 

You can't book tables apart from for Afternoon tea so we had to wait a few minutes to be seated but it wasn't a long wait. They have plenty of tables and I feel like 4 or 5 times all went at once so it was constantly moving. 

I didn’t spend too long looking at the menu as I already knew I was going for the Roast Beef Dinner, so I can’t stay if they have vegan options, but I do know they have vegetarian options.

The roast dinner was amazing, I loved every part of it. From the parsnips to the beef and the Yorkshire pudding. We've even taken to copying the way the chopped the carrots and parsnips and its delicious. 

Just as we’d finished eating, my dad pointed out the sky changing across the valley and within about 5 minutes it was snowing hard and we made the decision to go without looking around the shop, but we did manage to grab a packet of bacon and some bread.

My parent were both impressed and went back last weekend for breakfast, they were so impressed they went to the butchers and bought some of the sausages they served in the café and we had them for tea on Monday and now I’m sad it’s been snowy and cold again as we really need to get some more. They said it was quite busy and was asked to share a table with another couple. Which wasn't a problem but just something to note. A lot of the tables fairly big and sit 6+ so I guess it's only fair to ask smaller groups to share. 

I was hoping to go again this weekend just gone but the snow is still quite bad around here and they’ve had to close for a few days as it’s not been safe for people to drive up to them or for them to get their themselves.

We've had way more snow than this over the past week, this is about my limit as far as the snow is concerned! 

Hopefully we will visit again soon, and my mum mentioned some baby goats that I’d like to see for myself and I want to be able to have the time to look at every product in the farm shop, even the items I wouldn’t ever consider buying and I’ve heard they have a good range of gin’s so that could be fun. 


DISNEY | Primark - Mickey Mouse Earrings

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Recently I have been watching a lot of Disney vlogs in anticipation of booking my very first trip to Disneyland Paris. I don’t know if I will make it this year. I was hoping for a Solo trip in March but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough and I have spoken to a friend about going at the end of the year to experience Disneyland at Christmas time, but we haven’t booked anything yet.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

One of the things I’ve been loving is the Disney jewellery a lot of them wear. What I like about it is how subtle some of it is and that unless you look closely you might not even realise it was Disney.
A lot of the products seems to be exclusive to WDW in Florida and I don’t have the budget to even go to Florida let alone the budget to buy all the things and I have been looking at budget-friendly alternatives.

There seems to be a lot of love for Pandora charms but while they are cute they are not for me, maybe in the future but I feel like my charm bracelet days are over. I have had a Pandora alternative in the past but when I worked out how much the bracelet and all the charms came to it made me scared to wear it and mine was a fraction of the price of an official Pandora. I digress as always.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

Pinterest, Google, Etsy have all been places I’ve scoured as well as following a lot of Disney accounts on Instagram. Etsy and a few online jewellers have some amazing items and for good prices but as I’m in the infancy of my Disney obsession I didn’t feel like I wanted to pay even £6 plus P&P for one pair of Mickey Mouse earrings, let alone £60 for a lovely pair of silver earrings I keep seeing.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

I have been getting quite a few Disney items from Primark in recent weeks and in the Manchester store I found a rack of Disney jewellery.

This three pack of earrings is almost identical to some of the individual pairs I’ve been looking at online. I specifically wanted A pair that was the outline, but I’m more than happy to have the other two pairs.

Mickey Mouse Earrings - Primark

I’m terrible for only wearing earrings for a couple of hours before they start to irritate, and it doesn’t matter if they are expensive or Primark’s finest. Spending £2 on three pairs of earrings suits me. 


LIFESTYLE | January Review

Monday, February 26, 2018

Last year I really focused on growing my social media and while I love social media I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity. I will admit it's lovely to see a nice round number.

As it's the 31st January I've recorded my current social media stats and wanted to record that somewhere. I do have a spreadsheet but as this is my blog I thought this is a good a place as anywhere to share. 

January Change
Twitter 3779 59
Facebook 770 2
Instagram 2158 25
YouTube 369 43
Pinterest 1253 12
Bloglovin 642 5
Google+ 423 -1
Instagram SW 1361 94

As predicted my Slimming World Instagram had the best growth new year, new me and sw is always popular and since I set the account up it's my most active platform.

Twitter is also a good place for growth, it's very organic growth and I don't feel like I have to work at my twitter account, I tweet blog and youtube posts. I've started using some hashtags again. I've joined in one twitter chat and my IG posts are auto-shared via IFTT but I don't really cross promote it on other platforms very often. 

Youtube also say a really good growth, I gained almost half the number of followers in one month than I did in the whole of 2017. This is a result of promotion and the change in YTs T&Cs that they now only really care about channels with over 1000 followers and 4,000 hours of watch time per 12 months. There has been a big drive in the community to support one and other and it's working. I'll never get the required watch time even if I do make the 1000  subscribers. My lifetime minutes are 73,522 and that's from 02/01/2013 to 30/01/2018. It's not going to put me off. It is very much a hobby and that's how it will stay but it feels a shame YT have made this change and it does feel like they only care about the huge creators. 

I was worried about Instagram for a while, I was losing followers at the start of the month. for every new follower notification I got, I noticed my follower count had gone down by 2 or more. That one and only twitter chat I remembered to join in was about IG which was a massive help to get some new followers. 

Pinterest. I've just left that to bob along by itself, it's an odd little platform. I get hooked for weeks, then I ignore it for months. Sometimes I've gained loads other times I look and the numbers have dropped massively. It can do what it wants and I will go to it when I'm in the mood. From what I've read follow count don't matter as it classes itself as a search engine, not a social platform but I will say getting to a target number is always a nice feeling. I'm mainly pinning Disney inspiration at the moment and I am trying to pin my own blog things on it but I'm not remembering very often. 

Ah Bloglovin, I still don't know about this. I don't really use it to read blogs on and I know a lot of people came off it last year so I'm letting it do it's own thing for now. 

Google plus, the only place I dropped a follower. I'd say sad face but let's face it how many of us actively use it? I like the look of it and once this month I've shared a post in a couple of groups but I want to use it and think I might try and spend some quality time on it in February. 

I feel like I've used my month to focus on the blog and youtube content more than social media channels and it was only towards the end of the month when I started scheduling posts to auto-tweet content. I want to get back doing this as my readership is so low on my blog. My monthly stats are less than some other "small" bloggers daily stats. Even if blogger stats where real (I use google analytics - Just checked blogger for this post) the stats would still be bad. 

Do I need better content, when I speak to people who read my blog they say they like it but then no one reads it? Well, about 40 people a day on a good day. Maybe I need to share more, maybe I need to share less? What do I do? 

One thing I think I need to start being proud of is my HIBs100 score. I'm currently 93. I don't know what this means in the real world but it's nice to be ranked and they even featured one of my posts on their website so I can't be all bad! 


DISNEY | Primark Disney Haul

Thursday, February 22, 2018

To give Primark its due, it’s really come into its own recently with it’s branded/licenced products.
I’ve recently shared some of the Harry Potter things I’ve been picking up and now it’s time to share my Disney Haul. I do have a few other items and there is no doubt I’ll be picking up other things here and there, but I love sharing the things I buy with you and I’m pleased with my little purchases.

When it comes to Disney, I do have a few favourites but it’s often hard to narrow down. I don’t feel like I’ve watched that many Disney videos and when we first got Sky TV back in the early 90s I was a bit too told for the Disney Channel and was more of a Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network kinda girl.

I did watch the odd thing, but names escape me now. There was the one with the twins who lived in a hotel and got into all sorts of scrapes.

When I was in Primary school my gran when through a phase of buying Disney films on VHS from Tesco. I feel like she used to buy me one a month or maybe less frequently and she still has then in the video drawer in her TV stand and she still has a video recorder which works (just about)
The films I remember having are Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, and I have memories of getting the Song of the South from the video shop at the bottom of her street. That was our Friday night, 2 videos, a bag of salt and vinegar squares which was made into a crisp butty and a quarter of mini midget gems.

Sometimes in Primark, you have to pick something up the first time you spot it as they do sell out quickly with a couple of these items as I had managed to stop my self from buying them as I really didn’t need them but last weekend I decided to go for it. I’ll speak about that a bit more when I speak about each item

Stitch Sweatshirt

Primark Disney Haul - Stitch Sweatshirt
Stitch Sweatshirt
This is one of the items I almost missed. I saw this just after Christmas and I have queued up with it at least three times before putting it back. I’m not 100% sure if I’ve watched Lilo and Stitch. I feel like I know the character, but I don’t remember the story. I have since bought the DVD from Amazon but haven’t watched it yet. While I’ve been watching Disney Vlogs some of the best interactions have been with Stitch and I’ve really got a soft spot for him. Once I made my mind up to get the Sweatshirt (they also have a cute t-shirt) They didn’t have my size, I felt really sad about this. I have been checking every time I’ve been back and finally, I found one in my size. I limped to the till as fast as my dodgy leg would carry me. The top is fairly thin and very soft. I’m hoping that once I watch the film my love for him will grow.

Chip Coin Purse

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Chip Coin Purse
Chip Coin Purse
An impulse purchase if ever there was one. I haven’t been sucking in by all the beauty and the beast range at Primark. I’ve liked and thought everything is cute and as much as I love both the animated and more recent live action versions of the film. I just haven’t been caught up in the merchandising side of things. 

When I went to White Rose in Leeds, this little purse was at the till and it was his glittery-ness that sold him to me and he had been reduced to £2.

Marie Makeup Bag

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Marie Makeup Bag
Marie Makeup Bag

This is another one of those products I’ve been resisting. The first time I saw it, I knew I wanted it and it was only £6 but I have lots of makeup bags. If you watch my YouTube channel you will know I have been subscribed to Love Me Beauty subscription service and each month they send another makeup bag out.

When I went to my local store a couple of weeks ago, I walked round with this bag but decided I couldn’t justify it but after thinking about it and knowing it probably won’t be around for much longer knew I needed to buy it sooner rather than later.

Minnie Mouse T-shirt

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Minnie Mouse T-Shirt
Minne Mouse T-shirt

My Disney focus has been more around princesses rather than Minnie and Mickey but I think the Minnie and Mickey T-shirts that are around at the moment are fantastic and who doesn’t love a striped top. I love Minnie peaking over the top of the bow and the fabric feels lovely.

Mickey Fairy Lights

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul Mickey Mouse Fairy Lights
Mickey Mouse Fairy Lights

I am a sucker for fairy lights and I thought these were adorable. I love that they are on the copper wire so can be bent into shape. I think they look good in Disney photos so expect to see them in more posts. They might also appear in none Disney flat lays.

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul

Fashion | Primark Disney Haul


BEAUTY | Impulse Body Sprays

Monday, February 19, 2018

I haven’t had an impulse body spray for years, I might be lying there as I do feel like I had a small tin in a goodie bag but I have often been put off aerosol body sprays as they remind me of my teenage years when were you even a real teenager if you didn’t have at least 2 cans of impulse plus a bottle of So and or Exclamation! In your arsenal of personal grooming.

Walking through boots and I noticed a stand full of these impulse bottles, the first thing that drew me closer was the fact that they’re not in aerosol cans, the second was the bright labels and then I noticed the names.

  • ·         Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket
  • ·         Purple Petals & Smokey Sky
  • ·         Whipped Cream & Microchip
  • ·         Tropical Beach & Espresso
  • ·         White Lace & Muddy Grass
I had a quick smell of a couple of them and was in love. They are currently priced at £3.50 but that is half price. I picked up two initially, Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket and White Lace & Muddy Grass. I couldn’t decide between them and they are both fresh smelling with the marshmallow one being on the sweet side.

One of the days I’d used them. I like them both together so have a quick spritz of both. I tweeted about a really nice scent that I couldn’t put my finger on. It was me, or rather the Impulse sprays!

When I went in to Superdrug a couple of weekends ago, they were still on offer, so I decided to pick up the other three, plus I had a £1 on my Superdrug card which was due to expire (I didn’t realise they expired either!)

I’m terrible at describing scents so please excuse my attempts below but I know when I read blog post I appreciate it when people do try.

Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket

This one is really sweet smelling but I adore marshmallow scented products this might be my favourite one of the five. I do also get a feint background smell of well worn expensive leather. I do like this but it might not be for everyone. 

Purple Petals & Smokey Sky

A strong floral scent with a smoky background scent. I do like this one but I haven't used it all over as yet. On the couple of sprays I've tried I think this will be used a lot in spring.

Whipped Cream & Microchip

When I smelt all the body sprays this morning, I tried to do it at random without looking at the lables and with this one I couldn't put my finger on what it smelt like. It smells good, I would say it smells like cream and what do microchips smell like? Metal? frozen chips (Micro-Chips) I don't know. It is a pleasant smell.

Tropical Beach & Espresso

A perfect summer scent, this smells like tropical fruit and I feel like I detected a slight coconut scent. I'm not sure I detected any coffee scent but I haven't worn this one I've onky spritzed it in the air.

White Lace & Muddy Grass

This was my first choice in the store and it smells fresh and clean. I like to use a spritz of this and the marshmallow one together. This one and the Marshmallow ones are the only ones I've properly used and they are favourites.

I can't wait to use all of them and while it does seem a bit excessive to buy all 5, especially when I have so many other scents but with the half price offer I couldn't resist.


DISNEY | Cath Kidston x Disney

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Last month I posted about the Cath Kidston backpack I’d bought between Christmas and new year, but it wasn’t the only thing that I bought in that order and I was tempted by a further offer on free P&P if you spent £25 (It’s normally £35 to get free P&P).

In my initial order I picked up a kid’s handbag from the Cath Kidston x Disney range. This wasn’t in the sale and cost £16. It did help me bring my order up to the £35. What I like about this bag is the lack of Disney on the front.  This might seem a little odd as you’d think I might want it to be “DISNEY” to the max but I like the little nod to Mickey without the full on of every character going.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Child's Disney Handbag

The bag is small and doesn’t have an inner pocket which would have been nice but it’s not an essential. I would have also liked the strap to be a little bit longer but as it’s from the kids range I can understand why it’s not longer.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Child's Disney Handbag

I will probably use this inside another bag with my camera and other electronics such as battery charger and cables. I’m not sure and I’m justifying my purchase.

The other annoying thing about this is that it was reduced the day after I bought it. I was tempted to return it, but you have to pay for returns unless you go to the store and I didn’t think I’d be going to a store any time soon.

Have you noticed some brands send out lots of emails? I feel Cath Kidston is one of those brands but one of the ones they did send was an offer for free delivery if you spent £25. I had been looking at placing another order, but it wasn’t coming up to the £35 and I detest paying for delivery with big companies. I don’t mind if it’s a small independent company or an Etsy seller, but delivery costs are something I don’t like to pay if I can help it.

I picked up 2 sets of the nylon pouches, a Minnie and Mickey set and a Donald and Daisy set. This are very thin and light weight. They also come with a jump ring, so they can be clipped together or used separately.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Minnie & Mickey Nylon Pouch Set

The spotty background is perfect for my love of spots and dots and I think these will be useful for travel. I can use them to keep travel documents in, I might even use one as a makeup bag and the small ones will be good to use as a change purse or a pencil case as as I always carry pens with me. 

Cath Kidston x Disney - Daisy and Donald Nylon Pouch Set

Each set of pouches were £6, so the equivilant of £3 each. I'm justifying it as £2 for the small one and £4 for the big one and it doesn't seem to bad. I don't think I would have paid full price for them. 

My love of stationery is well known, so it will be no surprise that I also bought a pen and a pencil case. They are both from the same range but in opposite colours.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Disney Pen and Pencil Case

I love all the graphics and colours, but I do prefer the pale background as I feel you can see the characters better.

Cath Kidston x Disney - Disney Pen and Pencil Case

The pen is nice and chunky which is what I need as I struggle with thin barrel pens and I’ve been looking for a new pencil case for work as I’ve split my last one (as it had too many pens in it). It’s also quite a good size to use as an everyday makeup bag. 

Cath Kidston x Disney

Cath Kidston x Disney