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Sunday, 14 August 2016

30 days of blogging September 2016

Blogging everyday isn’t a new or revolutionary concept and it is something I’ve tried and failed at before but as I’ve been out of love with blogging for a while now I thought I’d give it ago.

I’ve raided pinterest for some ideas and I’m hoping to come up with my own. The plan is also to pre write my content from mid august onward so I can have get posts scheduled for every day in September. This might be cheating but who doesn’t prewrite content?

I’m hoping this approach will also fire me up to get writing content for October (ekkk October!)
The prompts:
  1. Self portrait and 5 random facts
  2. A movie you never get tired of watching
  3. The last book you read
  4. 10 things that make you awesome
  5. Next holiday
  6. A day in the life
  7. What’s in your makeup bag
  8. Charity you support
  9. Guilty pleasures
  10. What I ate today
  11. OOTD
  12. Stationery or stationary
  13. What’s in my bag
  14. Most used Apps
  15. Tips for events
  16. Hair products
  17. Can you remember your fist ever blog post
  18. Childhood toy – do you still own it?
  19. What are you looking forward to?
  20. Holiday essentials
  21. Most worn shoes
  22. Favourite accessories
  23. PJ collection
  24. Share your camera equipment
  25. Skin care routine
  26. Years highlight
  27. Favourite quote
  28. Most liked social media
  29. Drink du jour
  30. Selfie and 5 more random facts

Apart from day 1 & 30 have I got any duplications? Is there anything else you’d rather I write about?
Let me know as I’m going to start drafting some of these this week

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Day 9 - B.E.D September 2016 - Guilty pleasures

It's been quite cathartic getting posts ready for my Blogging Every Day challenge.

Guilty pleasures

What classes as a guilty pleasure? Something that you don't really want to share in the public domain? Something you think is unpopular. 

Say Yes to the dress - I'm addicted to this show, I don't think I'll ever get married so this is my guilty pleasure looking at wedding dresses and mentally planning a wedding that will never be. 

Love at First Sight - In a similar fashion to the above, I love a good wedding. This show fascinates me. I've watched all of Season 1 USA, Most of Season 2 USA and I've just started on the Season 1 od the Australian version. All 4 has a lot to answer for. I couldn't even imagine going on a date with someone I sort of knew, let alone a blind date, let alone an arranged marriage filmed for TV viewing pleasure. 

YouTubers - Yes I make videos as a hobby but I'm obsessed with watching Vlogs. Seeing peoples lives. I really enjoy watching Joe Sugg, Oli White & Tom "Syndicate". I prefer them over people who are more age and area of like. They are all young 20 something lads. I don't fancy them, I just enjoy seeing their lives. Totally different from my 9-5. They don't have regular jobs and they all obviously have no money troubles. Tom is the most recently of my discoveries and I think I enjoy watching him as he's northern. He lives not too far from me and often visits places I go to so it's good to see them.

Emmerdale - We have never been a family to watch Emmerdale, it was always my granparents programme and we pulled out faces but over the past few months I've found myself watching it when I couldn't be bothered to turn over for the One Show but now it's become a regular habbit, to the point we're looking at booking tickets for the Emmerdale Studio Tour! 

Companion Shows - I don't know if this is the right description. But shows like Bit on the Side, GBBO an Extra Slice, follow up shows to main programmes. There used to be one for the Hotel inspector where they sent the channel five version of Joe Swash in to the hotels they were featuring to get a first person perspective. I get why they stopped doing it but I almost enjoyed it more than the main show. 

What are you guilty pleasures?

Sunday, 7 August 2016

YouTube Giveaway - Win

Look at this two blogs in the space of a couple of days. Don't get used to it!

I was lucky enough to win a YouTube giveaway from Beth Tinkerbell and I thought I'd share my prize with you and let you know she has another giveaway for August so go and enter it.

After watching the original video I'd had a look on the Typo website and almost ordered a few things (essentials!) but managed to close the webpage before checking out.

Inside was a pencil case, this remind me of something but I can't put my finger on it. I don't think that it's something from Roxy or another surf brand but it's really bugging me what it remind me of. I love the colours and I think it's going to be come my handbag pencil case.

 There were also 4 papermate felt pen type pens, I think Beth uses these i her scrapbooking and journalling. I love the look of these pens but I haven't tried them out. I can't wait to try them.

12 rolls of washi tape and how amazing is the bunny and pineapple tape. I can't wait to use these in my planner. She also included a fine liner pen.

I also can't forget about the journal and the book marks.

I'm such a stationery junkie that I love everything and I can't wait to start using it all. I have a habit of saving this for best but I have so much stuff I need to use it so that is my plan. Not sure how it will be used but I will let you know how I get on!

Hello From The Otherside

Well hello there,

Long time no blog, the reason? No real reason. I haven't really got much to say at the moment.

I have no inspiration to blog, I'm not sure I fit as a blogger any more. This isn't a woe is me blog for once but I just want to say I'm still about.

I've been a bit stressed with real life stuff, nothing too dramatic or life altering, just the little things.

I'm still about on social media albeit not as much and I haven't been interacting as much.

I've been playing pokémon go. Gotta catch em all. I'm loving it even if i'm getting the geek sideeye from a few people but meh! I like it and It's not screwed my data allowance. Thank you Metrolink for free Wifi on the trams. I even took a gym (Let me revel in my success for now)

I was also making quite a few YouTube videos. I got my self well in advance then it''s slid and I haven't opened my laptop in about a fortnight. I'm considering getting a netbook that is a tablet and smaller so I can edit and blog on the go?!!?! Any recommendations.

I have just won a give away from Beth which I'm going to blog about as thats the only Idea I have at the moment.

I have also stopped reading blogs which I guess makes me feel bad about writing one. My time management skills have gone out the window. What blogs are you reading? Give me ideas of who I should be reading and what kind of posts do you like reading? what would you like to see here?

I'm going to leave it there.


Monday, 20 June 2016


This post is well over due as Blog On MSI was on 1st May and it's now 20th June. There is also another Blog on MSI event in September and I have purchased a ticket and booked a hotel. I think there are only around 60 tickets left for the September event and that's what prompted me to finish this post. 

Blog on is such a great conference the set up is designed so you learn new things, get advice, socialise with other bloggers and brands. 

This was the 3rd Blog On conference I've been to the set up this year was a little different to the previous years with more brands, a craft den and a choice of sessions. 

In previous years all the sessions have been run 3 times and everyone split into groups and visit each session. This year you had a choice of which session to go into. 

In theory this choice of sessions was good and more flexiable but most of the sessions I wanted to go to were on at the same time and I do feel I made the wrong choice, especially with one of the sessions and I ended up walking out when I realised it wasn't for me. 

I fully hold my hands up it was my decision that was wrong and it must be hard to co-ordinate the sessions. Before the next event I am going to check the schedule and trust my instincts more. 

This year there were more toy brands which would have been awesome for the parent bloggers and I'll admit I was particularly taken by Betty Spagetti even if I did have a tanturm and throw her on the table when I couldn't find two legs the same length. (it was late in the day and I was shattered) I also loved the PomPom Wow. I decorated my badge with them and would be quite happy with a box of them of my very own.

As in  previous years the lovely swizzels people were there and they supplied us with lots of sweets and brought their ball pool which I now regret not going in. Some of the picture I've seen of people in the pool turned out brilliant.

I tried my hand at crochet but while I get the theory, in practice I'm terrible at it! I need lots of practice but I feel like it's a skill I'd like to learn as I've seen a few people make mood and sky blankets and I love the idea of them and think I'd like to make one. Maybe one day.

One of the brands had brought along a game called TimeLine and i'll admit at first I thought it would be a very geeky and not fun but it really was. I took away a sample pack and we've been playing it at work as part of our team engagement activity and I'm toying with the idea of buying the full version.

Another firm favourite were the Jammy Dodger marshmellows, which I bought a bag of and wish I'd bought more. I need to order some of them. I can't remember the name of who brought them so If you know can you leave me a comment so I can place an order.

A big thank you to Laura for organising the event, a lot of hard work has to go in to the planning and coordination of everything

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Book Review - Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood

I recently bought a few books up in a local charity shop, one of the books I picked up mainly because of the cover was Mrs Hemmingway by Naomi Wood. 

The book starts in the mid 1920s when the current Mrs Hemmingway, Earnest and his present mistress move to the south of France for the summer. 

The book follows the life of the wives and shows how lives intertwine and history repeats itself. There are a number of different parts to the book one for each wife and the stories follow on for each other. 

Initially I could put it down and read 2/3s in a couple of days and then I lost momentum, the story became confusing as time periods jumped from the current marriage years back to before that marriage and had the current wives perceptive during the  previous marriage. Even trying to write that sentence was confusing so try reading about it. 

I love the writing style and I feel like the book could have done with being in a couple of parts just focusing on 2 wives per book. 

I also feel like more time, description and love was felt in the early parts of the book and later on things just became confusing. 

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? 

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Potential Book Tube Plans

Have you heard of BookTube? No me either until a couple of weeks ago. I'd made the decision to start making book videos as a couple of people I follow make videos about the books they read each month and I really enjoy watching them. 

I then discovered there is a whole community of BookTubers out there. I'm not really all that surprised. I'm not about to make a new Youtube channel or stop posting the odd book review on here but I just wanted you to know there is a book tube and I'm getting involved. 

My plans are to make monthly wrap up videos about the books I've been reading each month, hauls and may be the odd review. 

I've talked about this before but from the middle of last year I just stopped reading. I think I read 2 books from July to December and my reading hasn't really picked up that much. 

I've read about 12 books so far this year which isn't bad and to say I read 5 books January to April my pace has picked up a lot. 

I've also bought a kindle paperwhite as my old kindle or should I say my mums original kindle has just about given up the ghost. 

So far I'm enjoying using it, I've only read one and a bit books on it so far. Oddly enough since I bought it I've read about 3 paper books, bought 4 from a charity shop and ordered 8 online! 

No matter if I fall in love with the Kindle will I relinquish my love of paper books. Also you don;t have to worry about the screen cracking when you drop them! 

I have a huge to be read pile before we even think about the new books I've bought. I'm planning to try and read 2 paper books for each kindle book to try and get the pile down. 

I don't keep books I've read unless I love them, they get passed to a neighbour or taken to charity shops so I don't feel too bad for having so many. But they really need to be read.

I'm lucky to have a big community of readers and writers around me and my friend have been recommending free / cheap kindle books so I am accumulating plenty more digital books. 

I'd love to know your favourite book and what books you really didn't like. Would you watch book videos? Finally what would you like to see from my book tube videos? 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Gate Crashing a Christening and drinking Cocktails!

Did I tell you about the time I gate crashed a Christening? Well technically I had been to a christening and we moved on to a local pub which we believed was open to the general public after 3pm. But it looks like it was all another Christening. We blended in, we drank lots of cocktails and while we were feel pretty confident we'd succeded in not getting caught. We had been spotted and been the talk of the whole event! Ah well, next time you hire a place out put a sign on the front door!! 

The pub we went to used to be our old haunt, but as we don't go out very often and tend to go to Manchester for cocktails, when the posted on Facebook about a new Cocktail menu we thought why not. 

They are even jazzing up the fruit ciders they serve, by adding fresh fruit and they are in the process of ordering appropriate glasses. 

We started our cocktail experience with a classic Pornstar Martini. We're never sure what to do with the Prosecco shot, do you down it, or do you add it in? We've never really got a definitive answer from a bar tender.  

Next we went for an Apresol Spritz, this was a little disappointing. It needed to be in a bigger glass with ice and more fruit. Don't get me wrong, it tasted good but I know I've had better but I would order it again. 

The girl who was serving us freely admitted she'd never made some of the cocktails before and was a little nervous and some of them felt a little bit off the mark. Not far off but i'm hoping next time we go in they will be on the money. 

We tried a Belini which had too much peach and a lemoncello spritz which sadly wasn't for me, it tasted like tictacs! I don't think I'd order either of these again but with practice they could be delicious. 

By far my favourite drink of the day was the Amaretto Sour, this has to be one of my favourite drinks and I'm so glad they got it right!

Our last drink of the night came in a very hipster mug and was missing a little something which we put right by adding prosessco! Doesn't Prosecco fix most things!

We had such a good afternoon weatherwise, gatecrash wise, fun times wise and we might be going back in a couple of weeks. I'm wondering if we should call ahead and check they are open or just chance our arm are try and blend into whatever function they have on!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Housing Units - Blogger Event Summer 2016

Last week I was invited to Housing Units in Hollinwood for their second Blogger Event. I was lucky enough to go to the First Event, last Christmas and it was Magical and festive. You can read all about that event here

This event was a little different as this time the Store was closed and we got to look round without the public being there and it made for a much more personal experience. 
 We were given a tour of the store by one of the manager and he pointed out some of the different products and how the stores are laid out.

There are a number of buildings and we looked around two of the main buildings. The fire place and emporium and the home furniture store.

I'm a little bit in love with the fire below, it's an electric fire and the effect is via a TV screen inside. I could have pulled up a chair and stayed there all evening.

I was also very taken with the leather couch and side tables, the patch work chairs really reminded me of something, that I can't quite put my finger on. Can anyone help me?

The rugs below are also some of the best sellers, they are really soft and my camera really doesn't do them any justice.

 From August bank holiday they remove everything in section of the emporium and turn it into a winter wonderland and Christmas shop which opens in September. I don't think I've ever been to Housing Units when it's not been Christmas season (I hate that I just types that, but seriously go to HU after September and even the Grinch couldn't help to feel festive)

Some of my personal highlights from the garden sections are below, oh to have a garden big enough to take some of these products.

While a lot of these products are out of reach for me, the sets are dressed in a way to show off other products and there are things I can take from them and bring to my own home.

I think having a garden clock is such a good idea, we're always asking each other the time whilst we sit out in summer and think it might be a present for my dad for Christmas. If I'd thought about it sooner I'd have bought him one for Fathers Day.

I also really like the low candle holder, which I think will work really well with some citronella candles to ward of those summer bugs.
 Thinking about personal highlights, when I visit Housing Units and it always comes back to lighting. They have so many options, they can meet every budget from a chandelier that wouldn't be out of place in on a film set to a basic desk lamp.

As well as practical lighting solutions, there are a lot of quirky and cool options. I adore the dog wearing a cone light. While I don't think this would work in my house the light about the dining table and the blue desk lamp would fit in well. I've had a look and I think next pay day the desk lamp will be mine.  
 While we looked round we were given a budget of £30 to select something from the store and they filmed us taking about it and saying why we'd picked what we picked.

I have to say there were some really good choices picked by the other bloggers and I'll share the video when it's available.

Some of the items I considered are below. A couple were out of budget but I loved so much I wanted to share.

How cool are these retro phones, the smaller ones (Blue / Orange) were £29.99 and are very similar to a phone my gran still has and uses. Her's is red and has the push button dial.

The bright coloured cushions were over budget at £45 before the discount, these may be the softest cushion I have ever felt, I think every school sensory room needs a couple of these. They also had them in more neutral colours for those of us who are not so adventurous.

Another great thing about Housing units is, they stock Bomb Cosmetics bath bombs. Bomb are one of my favourites and it's great to have a local stockist rather than ordering without knowing what they smell like online.

The last item was also over budget, but not by much and that surprised me. I expected the bag to be around £45 but it was £35.99 (I think - don't quote me)
 Our last stop before we had to film our piece to camera was back to the Wiken Tree where they served us a selection of food from the menu. This was a lovely and well needed treat after a long day at work.

The mini fish and chips and burger were a hit with me. I've had afternoon tea at Housing Units before and the quality of the food is always top notch. I really did feel spoilt by them and this has been the case when I've been a regular customer and at both the events.

Its good to see a local company who is passionate about what they do and have great people working for them and who made us all feel so welcome. The products we picked out for the video also came home with us as a thank you and I will do a separate post on these as I need to take some picture of them. I picked out a set of wine glasses that I'd spotted in the sale booklet that had been posted out to me and a bath bomb set. (I want to do an unboxing video on this on my YouTube Channel) I was invited as a Guest, but as always all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Month in a Minute - May 2016

This is my 3rd month of doing month in a Minute but I've never done an accompanying blog post.

My has flown by and has been a busy month.

It's started with Blog On, blogging conference. Swiftly followed by my Birthday a dentist appointment.

A Christening and then gatecrashing another Christening! Don't ask or do ask!!

It's also the month or the animal as when you'll watch there is an over arching theme of wild and not so wildlife, including a very smug looking chihuahua on a tram and a great Dane looking very uncomfortable on a bus.

Over all May has been great, it's had it's down side which was 4 hours in A&E when my mum got attacked by a neighbours cat. It's sounds so far fetched but it's made such a mess of her hand.

What else has happened this month? It was Saddleworth band contest but the weather was so bad we sheltered in the pub!


Let's see what June brings!!

Month in a Minute

The Press Tent #SpringMeet

I'm very late posting this but as I had such a lovely evening thought it was still worth about the Press Tent Event I went to in May. 

The event itself was at The Club House in Spinningfields, Manchester. This was their 3rd event and the 2nd one I've been to. 

The main difference with this event to any I've been too before was it was a paid for event for a small number of bloggers. I think there was only 5 bloggers which was lovely and intimate. The event cost £30 and for that we had a two course meal, an introduction into brush lettering and some delicious drinks from Licor 43 as well as learning about the history of the brand. The plant / facility where the product is made in Spain looks amazing. It's on a wish list of places to visit. 

Will it surprise any of you to learn that I arrived early, the weather was miserable and I couldn't loiter any longer in the rain. The good think about arriving early was that I got to take some photo's of the beautiful table decorations. 

We were welcomes with a vanilla coke float made with Licor 43, Coke and vanilla ice cream. As someone who isn't fond of ice cream I was a little apprehensive but it as really nice, the slightly melted ice cream added a lovely vanilla flavour. They made me a second without the icecream which was equally as nice if not as impressive looking. 

While we had the meal Emily & Jon from Licor 43 gave us a bit of history about the brand which dates back to Pre Roman times in Spain and was originally made of 43 ingredient by a woman. The same family still own the recipe and only a select number of people in the family know what it is. These days it's made with significantly less ingredient but still has a complex flavour and you can really taste, citrus, spices and vanilla. It's also really versatile as they proved by making us a cocktail which I think was called Ginger 43, I can't remember the full list but it had ginger ale in it. Again I'm not a fan of ginger (I sense a theme here... keep reading) but I've never tried ginger ale before and with the combination they used it worked really well and I could have happily drank another one. 

On of the more unusual in my mind combinations they told us that is popular in Germany is a Licor 43 beer. I could only think of adding a shot to a pint glass but no. It's a shot if the Licor 43 with cream or milk floated on the top. I feel this must be popular as they had shot glasses in the shape of beer mugs, ( do you know what's coming next?) Well, I don't like Ice cream, I don't like Ginger and wait for it... I don't like milk. I always say I'm not fussy but clearly I am!

I decided to try and once again they proved they know their stuff, I couldn't have had more than one but it was fine, I could imagine drinking it on a night out with the girls. 

The food was delicious, we had a few options to choose from but as soon as I saw fish & chips I knew it was what I wanted. The batter was crispy and the the chips chunky. I also went for the chocolate orange pot which was finished with a splash of Licor 43 and served with a short bread biscuit. 

We also had an introduction to Brush Lettering from Artsynibs, which was really interesting and much harder than expected. It's such a beautiful activity and you can get some great results. The top tops are to sit up straight, go slow and breath. Three things I kept for getting to do! 

Also a big thank you to Pentle for providing the materials and supplies we used. This is a skill I thought I'd be ok at. At school we we had to write with a fountain pen and I'm ok (less than ok but ya know) at calligraphy. Brusg Lettering is a whole other ball game but one I'm willing to practice at. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Christening Day Dresses with House of Fraser

Last year was the Year of the wedding, this year it's all about the Christening. I've been looking for the perfect dress that will see me through them all. House of Fraser got in contact with me asking if I'd like to review a dress from their site just at the perfect time. 

I've just been to my first of the year this weekend, I've another one next month and there are 4 more new babies in my social circle, with a couple more due later in the year I know I will be going to at least 3 more Christenings before the year is out.  

It was also nice to have a handy photographer in the form of my lovely friend & I remembered to ask her to take some pictures while we were at the Christening. 

I'd chose this dress by Samya in a botanical bird print. The dress is two layers and is on the website for £32 which I think is a really good price for a dress for a special occasion.

At the last minute I decided to wear leggin as the weather forecast was a bit mixed and I was impressed that the underskirt was thick enough so they didn't show through. The dress also has a half elastic waist band at the back which makes it easy to wear and a side zip which I didn't find till about 9pm! 

I'd ordered a size 22 and feel the 24 would have been a more comfortable fit but this didn't feel uncomfortable. the top looks a but twisted as I hadn't straightened it after being sat down for a couple of hours. 

I love the colours in the dress making it prefect for spring and summer and I'm already planing to wear it for the next Christening in June. 

A big Thank you to HoF for providing the dress for review and as always all opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Clock Tower Rochdale

Sometimes those adverts you see on Facebook prove to be very useful. Last week my mum saw one for Clock Tower Dining Room inside Rochdale Town Hall. 

Clock Tower is only open Monday to Fridays till 3.30pm at the moment but I really hope its a success and they open for longer hours and at weekends. 

Luckily for me I'd booked Monday off work so we decided not to hang around and go, rather than just talking about going (does anyone else do that?) 

We decided to go earlier to have a look around as it's been quite a while since either of us last went to Rochdale.

The town is undergoing major renovation and from what you can see they've worked really hard and it's going to look fantastic.

We were a little early and made the most of the sunshine by stilling in the memorial gardens, looking across to the Town Hall.

Inside its a really beautiful building and I was in awe at how nice it is. My local town hall has been derelict for years and is now being turned into a cinema!

I really didn't know what to expect from Clock Tower, I think I was expecting just a cafe with red velvet type conference chairs. What we found was a dining room worthy of a 5 star hotel.  

I have to say we were blown away with the over all look of the room, everything from the linen table clothes, beautiful decorations and pieces of art was perfect. There is an elegance about the room which has a contemporary edge without feeling out of place with the rest of the building. 

There is a good selection from breakfasts served till 11am including full breakfast and a Welsh rarebit that might be worth booking another day off and setting off early for. 

The lunch menu is a nice mix of sandwiches, wraps, ciabatta and a couple of platters as well as Jacket potatoes and not forgetting 3 types of afternoon tea (standard, champagne & G and Tea). Not forgetting a wide selection of cakes. 

Our afternoon started with tea for two and a decision to be made. Sandwiches or afternoon tea?

I went for the ploughman's sandwich. Lancashire Cheese, roast ham, with salad and apple chutney. This was really tasty. The chutney was delicious and the bread and salad were very fresh and well put together.

My mum went for the steak and onion ciabatta and she really enjoyed it. The coleslaw was also really nice and very well received by both of us.

Although the sandwiches were very filling and we didn't need anything else the call of the cakes won and with a special offer of tea (or coffee) and cake for £3.50 it would have been rude not to.

We went for Lemon Drizzle and St Clements. I honestly can't pick a winner. You're all my favourites!

Someone on FB comments that the cake looked really small, I can assure you it's my dodgy photo skills both pieces were very generous in size and I couldn't finish my portion

Every member of the team were friendly, helpful and polite. While picking my cake I was speaking to who I'm assuming was the manager or duty manager and she was impressed we'd travelled so far (25 mins on the tram - I would travel further for good cake)

I wish them every success and think it's just what Rochdale needs.

For 2 sandwiches, 2 tea's and 2 slices of cake it was £23.50 which I was more than happy to pay and I can't stop telling people about it.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Time to say Goodbye - MUR Powder

I bought the Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder quite a while ago now and I'm sure I mentioned it in a haul post but I though now the powder is no more I'd do a catch up / review of how I found it. 

The colour I bought was translucent and I don't feel like this was a true translucent powder it was much more of a light powder and I continuously changed my mind on how I liked it.

My favourite part of this product was the packaging. I loved how the powder swung out and that there was a large mirror on the outside of the cover part of the lid.

I'm not even sure how I broke this one. One day it was fine the next it had cracked (I'm assuming I dropped it) I was going to try and take out the crumbs but some how I tipped it out of the pan. As the product doesn't cost a lot I decided against repressing it. I've just checked and it retails for £2

Over all I did like the texture of the powder and it did set my make up well. I would be tempted to repurchase this again but in a colour more suited to my skin tone.

Have you tried this powder? What did you think? What powder do you use? 

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