#WeBlogMCR The First Meet Up

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A couple of week Holly from Holly Goes Lightly sent me a tweet about a meet up she was organising. Since starting this blog my confidence has grown so much and meeting other bloggers is something I really like doing. I might not say much or say anything interesting when I meet them but I am working on it! 

The date and venue were set, then I had a mare of a journey home from work the night before and my confidence wobbled. I wasn't sure where the venue was, I was tired and grumpy. Then a colleague told me the venue was right near the palace theatre and dead easy to get to. I pulled my socks up and thought you know what I really want to meet other local bloggers! 

I finish work at 5 and it only took me 20 mins to get up there, I walked past and couldn't see anyone so I wandered back up to Java cafe. There is a Java in a village not far from me. I also got a table outside.

I love taking random places and the venue itself is under the railway arches of Oxford Road train station. The venue was Whim Wham Cafe. This is somewhere I've been told about in the past but I rarely go out in Manchester on nights out and it was nice to go day time to get a feel for the place. 

It's a vintage style Gim Saloon, the picture below is the view when you come out of the loo just before you descend the spiral staircase!

They had given us an area of the bar just for us so we could spread out and chat.

We didn't really spread out to much. we pushed four tables together. We chatted, drank cocktails (It was happy hour 2 cocktails for £9. I had the whamble and it was amazing! shame it was a Wednesday night I could have happily had a few more)

There was a frame to put quotes in about the night and take selfies with speech bubbles! I wasn't going to stay long as I needed to get the bus home, then I got chatting to Andrea and she used to live round the corner from me and offered me a lift home!

Because I was staying I decided to eat and went for the Chicken and Tarragon salad, it was fantastic. I went for the small plate but wish I'd had the full version or ordered a portion of the rosemary chips which looks and smelt amazing! 

I only spoke to a couple of people and I joked that there needs to be blogger speed dating at these kind of events so everyone can chat with everyone. I hope i'm now following everyone on twitter. I'm planning on spending some time checking out everyone's blogs and following them all on social media. 

Holly had set up some prizes for tweets and instagram pictures. I was too busy talking to tweet much. but if you read Holly's post she tells you all about the winners and it's worth it to see the best prop of the night! 

The list of people who came are below, I'm looking forward to meeting people again and I hope there will be more Manchester meet ups in the future.

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