Hair woes and growing my barnet update

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another month closer to my holiday and I feel like I need to have my hair cut, it feels fluffyand bitty and I feel really scruffy.

I can really see the difference now and I can get more and more if it in a bobble! I'm down to one bobble and between 4-6 grips!

I'm still aiming to wait till the end of August before I get it cut, which if yo think about it isn't all that long away. 7/8 weeks which will fly by. Thats not to say if someone said they would cut my hair tomorrow i wouldn't bite their hand off.

I'm still using the Lee Stafford Hair Grow shampoo, I am also trying to wash my hair less 3/4 times a week rather than my normal 5/7 times a week. It's also pretty rare that I use heat on my hair, but I have tried curling my hair a couple of time recently. It still doesn't like to hold a curl and it resulted in a few blistered fingers!

The only problem I am finding is once I wash my hair it doesn't really feel clean. It looks fine but i feel like I want to wash it again straight away if that makse sense?

I'm going to try changing my shampoo for the next few washes. I just need to find a nice one, any recommendations?

Can I hold on for another 8 weeks before going for the chop? what shampoo should I buy next?

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