Holiday Shoes Take 1

Friday, July 18, 2014

I really struggle with shoes in general but when I go on holiday I struggle really badly. My feet swell, they get hot. My shoes don't fit, they rub.... oh woe is me

I'm determined to try and take the right shoes away with me this year, comfy, cute and not frumpy!

I saw these in Dorethy Perkins a couple of weeks ago but it was when I was without my bank card and didn't think the borrowed money would stretch, I'm glad I waited as a week later they'd been reduced to £10 (they were only £15 to start with) 

They also do them i a couple of differnt colours and they are real leather uppers. They do feel a little bit narrow, I'm trying to break them in and stretch the leather and I'm hoping they will be a good holiday shoe.

Can I get away with wearing them in the evening? I have no idea what shoes are holiday appropriate, i'm going on my first girlie holiday in a while. I imagine we will be bar hopping and maybe clubbing? I really don't know! 

What shoes should I be looking at for holiday? any recommendations? ideas? tips?

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