Hair update July 2014 - A very Belated post!!!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Where has time gone! This update was due a good 8 weeks ago and I be doing another update in under 2 weeks just before I go on holiday!

I was determined to wait until the end of August before getting my hair cut but I just couldn't wait. I got paid 25th July and I had it cut that weekend.

I went for a consultation the week before and we decided to just trim it. Neaten it up and I'd carry on growing it.

A week went by and I said sod it! Just it off, get it into a style and make me feel human again!

I went to a new saloon in my local village and it wasn't cheap (£36) But I have to say I do feel like I got my moneys worth and it has to be the best cut i've had for a while.

Where i normally go the most i've paid is £20.50 and that was when my hair was long.

I feel like it has grown loads and never looks this neat but what do you think? 

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