Growing My Hair - October 2014 Update

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm shocked by these pictures. This might sound odd and while I take quite a lot of pictures of myself
so I know how long my hair is but I didn't realise how much it had grown. 

I think I might be back to where I was before I had it cut or it might be a bit longer what do you think?

At least the front is now longer than the back. It was getting a bit out of control, I'm so glad I had it cut.

My plan is to get it trimmed in December, it is feeling in need of a trim now. Using a lighter hair colour and going on holiday hasn't helped it but I'm going to keep using hair masks and oil on it and I think it'll hold up.

I keep saying it but I can't wait until I can get it all up in  a bobble. I have been wearing it like this for work but it's still a bit scruffy and a lot of the back falls out of the bobble!

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