Mudder Mystery Evening

Monday, October 06, 2014

A couple of weeks ago the Joe Blogs team invited me and around 30 other local bloggers to a Murder Mystery Evening at the Raddison Hotel in Manchester City Centre, in association with BGO 

I met up with some bloggers I knew and met new people which I think is always a great bonus to local events. 

We were treated to a three course meal and through out the evening given clues and prompts for us to help Sherlock to solve the murder (Mudder - Think Taggert)

We were split into three teams and given evidence packs. We dusted for fingerprints and could interview suspects, request evidence to help up decide whodunnit.

At the end of the evening one of the teams who had the closest correct answer acted out their version of events. I can't tell you whodunnit as that would ruin it but I was such good fun.

Lots of over acting and interactive elements with the evidence packs we could write down questions and they could bring back answers in the sheets to help us in our summing up, as well as delicious food and good company.

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