#PSBloggerAdvent Day 6-14

Sunday, December 21, 2014

 I've really not kept up with blogging in December as much as I'd have liked. Life and me seem to keep getting mixed up but I wanted to give an update on what I've got so far. 

  • Day 6 - Make up Revolution I remember - Mono Eye Shadow. This is the pale matt colour and will be a great base colour.
  • Day 7 - ELF Ivory Foundation stick. This is a great consistency but sadly this is far too pale for me 
  • Day 8 - Make up Revolution  Purple nail polish - I love this colour, I always seem to gravitate towards this colour. 
  • Day 9 - Make up Revolution Bright pink like gloss. This is a true barbie pink. I don't think this colour I would wear. I'm not a huge wearer of lip gloss. 
  • Day 10 - Make up Revolution Promised Land Mono Eyeshadow. This was sadly smashed  but I really like the colour, I'm not into fixing things so I think it will be going straight in the bin. 
  • Day 11 - Elf  Ivory Concealer. This is the wrong colour for me as well but the weird thing is it's a totally different colour to the foundation I got on day 7.
  • Day 12 - Make up Revolution Gold nail polish, This is a great colour. I only tried one coat but it's a lovely soft shade.
  • Day 13 - Make up Revolution Salmon pink lip gloss. I really hate this colour. I don't know what it is about it but I can't bare to look at it!!
  • Day 14 - Make up Revolution Insomnia mono eye shadow. Another fab colour. I'm really loving the mono eyeshadow. 

 I'm really loving the concept of this advent calendar. I didn't expect it to be all make up. When I put mine together to send I added a mix of hair, beauty, stationery and make up and I think I was expecting to get similar back.

I've got another 10 parcels to open and I'm looking forward to seeing what else I'll get.

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