Growing my Hair in 2015 - It's a long road

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I spent almost all of 2014 growing my hair and 2015 is going to continue in much the same vein. My hair is now long enough to tie up. I still need grips and this side fringe was a bad idea but it's getting there. As I sit here and type I've got it in a small plait but a plait none the less.

In fact I rarely wear my hair down and it's in far too much of a state to take a picture of it but I just want to leave this picture here of my hair in 2014 so I can see how far I've come.

My last hair cut left me a bit devastated as she cut it back to the length that it'd been cut too on the hair cut before that which set me back 6 months.

I'm itching for another haircut. I used a new type of hairdye and it's really dried out my hair. I'm having to use a hair mask every hair wash. My hair has that just surf texture without the aide of Bumble and Bumble but none of the styling power.

I do need to take a picture of all sides of my hair,  even if it is just as a record for myself.

Here is a recent selfie and it does my me realise my efforts are paying off, I just wish it was a bit quicker. 

I've been using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products again. I really don't know if they work or not but I really like them whether they are aiding the growth or now. In the month I've been using them a few people have commented my hair has grown and I don't think they know I'm using those products. 

This popped up on my Time Hop on 9th February and while I don't actually like my hair in this picture I really want my hair this length or longer.

The good thing about this picture is that it' making me want to look after my hair and making me want to keep using the hair masks.

If you have any tips for growing my hair or recommendations please let me know.

I know it's something I go on about a lot but I regret cutting my hair so much. I loved it short and I'm sure when it's long I'll never be happy and probably cut it short again.

24/02/15 I finally took some Pictures of my hair as it is now

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