Paranoia reigns supreme

Sunday, March 08, 2015

I don't know where to begin. I don't know what I feel or how I feel but I need this ramble.

I get terrible paranoia.  I always have and I can recognise it but it still makes me feel shit about myself.

At the start of the year I sat down and decided I wanted to blog more. I set myself up a schedule and got in to a routine. I started scheduling tweets and fb messages to promote my posts. I try to engage more and chat more. Use hash tags and feel like I was engaging with people. 

Last weekend I set myself a challenge to try and join in twitter chats and had some really good chats and followed some new people.  One or two chats I got distracted and only participated a bit.

Mid week I read a post about how someone didn't like things in general and I felt it could have been written about me. I'm sure it wasn't but some of the don't were.

Scheduling links - I work full time I can't be on line constantly. I generally schedule about 4-6 posts each that I write out. Have you seen today's post etc etc I try and mix it up and  If I get a response to it I reply shortly afterwards. I never get much engagement so when I go I'm yay someone read something! 

Twitter chats - I love chatting and if me chatting is clogging up your timeline unfollow me / mute me. Tell me I'm bugging you.

Twitter chats to link dump - I feel like I did this but I chatted for 35 mins got distracted came back apologised. Gave my link and asked for links. Maybe I shouldn't do chats?
Hash tags - I usually forget to use them. If I do I keep them relevant and I do search hsshtags myself do why shouldn't I use them.

Quantity over quality - hmm I'm torn on this as I have been daily blogging. Maybe that's too much . But you know me I  have to say.

To top my paranoia off there us unrest in a number of fb groups I'm in. I feel like I'm to blame.  Not sure why but reading some of the posts in a number of groups across a number of blog genres makes me want to close my blog down.  Delete every social media account I've got and sit under my duvet crying and rocking.

I'm an eternal fence sitter. I don't like something I'll ignore it. Hide from it. Run from it.

We can't all like all things. I know that but this weekend has felt shit,  I don't know if I want to be part of this anymore. 

I don't even know what I'm trying to say.  I think I might have a week or at least  a couple of days off then see how I feel.

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