March 2015 Favourites

Friday, April 03, 2015

I failed at february favourites. I kept writing things down but never got round to posting it. A lot of my favourite products were in my empties post and I didn't have any pictures or only bad pictures of everything else

New tactic for March writing things down in a draft post as we go along, let see if I can actually make this post into a publishable state. Apologies if it seems a but disjointed.


Clinique Rinse off face wash - I first bought this last May and it lasted me pretty well. I finally used up the tube and have repurchased it, I hadn't used it much in the past few weeks as I didn't want it to be used up. But since buying a new one I'm back using it mist evenings and really like it.

Bomb Cosmetics bath - Bath Brulee. This is a large product and you can get 4-6 uses out of it. Only used it a couple of time so far. You drop it in the bath. Let it fizz for a few mins then fish it out. It's really moisturising and smells amazing. I think I paid £3.99 for it but if I can get 6 baths, it will be the most cost effective product I've used from them. I think I got about 5 baths out of this. I could have got 6 but I couldn't be bothered to fish it out the last time I used it. My only issue is storing it. I saved the plastic gift bag this came in but I know other stockists give paper bags so you might need to keep it in a dish / tupperware container.


So Susan Eyebrow palette - I've really loved this again this month. I put it away for special occasions but after using it at the start of the month as a one off and by the end of the day me saying hey my eyebrows still look good, it's earned a place in my makeup bag again. I got this in a beauty box last year and really liked but felt it was too nice for every day use.

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm - I got mine from Urban Outfitters and think I paid £6.50. I probably could have got it cheaper online but I like instant gratification. It smells amazing and I doesn't dry my lips like a few lip balms do.


Trousers - Unusually for me I've been reaching for trousers more and more this month. I haven't got a specific favourite pair but jersey fabric with pockets are my go to. I do feel a bit like I'm in my PJs but yay for trousers and a much more practical with the wind storms we've had in the past few days!


This wasn't a blog event but I took my mum to the Corronation Street Tour as one of her Mothers Day presents. It was so much fun. I don't even watch Corrie and really enjoyed it.

Meeting up with Blogging Friends - Again not an official event, but it was such a lovely afternoon spending time with these 6 ladies. I will be doing a full post on Sunday (Hopefully) about what we got up to. 
Photo from Kat


Dave Gorman Unchained America - My reading has really tailed off this last month but I really enjoyed this book. I watched the TV series many moons ago. I found a copy in the Scope Charity shop in Skipton and it was 50p well spent.


Cauliflower Pizza -Our version needs work but as experiences with food it was good. Our recipe was an amalgamation of a few but I've since watched a video on Jamie Olivers food tube that we're going to adapt to make SW Friendly.

Fiji Water - There is a lot of hype about this and I've seen a few people mention it was good. I found some in Waitrose and really enjoyed it. I'm not sure it will be a regular purchase but was bottled water goes it was pretty nice. It's the best bottled water I've had in a while.

Costco Birthday Cake - Never let my dad order your birthday cake from Costco because he refused to order a "fancy cake" Much disappointment for all but HOW amazing is Costco birthday cake taste wise? Shame no one else has a special birthday coming up as I could eat another slice about now.

Coffee and Doughnuts -  So as we may have guessed I've had a none slimming world food kind of month.

Special Kudos to Krispy Kreme Lotus Biscuit OMG The white chocolate spoilt it a bit but everything else was perfect.


Twitter Chats - I've been trying to take part more. There are so many but I've enjoyed taking part this month and feel like I've learnt things.

Blogger Challenges - #OMCZ is back for 2015. I've been getting organised creating a members facebook group. There is a pinterest board for ideas and posts to be pinned to and I'm feeling really motivated.

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