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Saturday, June 20, 2015

A few weeks ago Vevina contacted me and asked if I'd like to try their any chaffing cream.

In summer I usually spend my time wearing cotton cycling shorts under my sundress' and constantly checking if the legs are poking out under the hem line or feelong hot and bothered.

I've tried this cream a few times now and it helps so much. I apply a generous amount to my inner thighs before I go out and I'm good for around 4 hours if not longer.

I've also been using this before I go to bed on nights when it's been warm and I've slept in shorts and I haven't woken up with that feeling of my legs being stuck together.

I've been offered 5 tubes to give away to 5 lucky people and before I set that up I wanted to test the cream out on holiday.

Day 1 - I put this on before going to the pool at about 11 and by 4pm (I didn't go in the pool) I was still chafe free.

Day 2 - At around 5pm we got the bus to the capital city to do some retail therapy. I applied the cream before we went and my 8pm it was still good. It was very warm and it's quite a walk from he bus station to the shops so I was impressed. I really like wearing skirts and dresses and this is going to we a life saver this holiday.

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