The Collab Girlies - Winter Skin Care

Sunday, January 22, 2017

It’s time for another Collob Girlies YouTube video and this month we’re talking about out Winter Skin Care Routine and I thought I’d share with my blog readers as well. 

Winter Skin Care
In the past I didn’t feel like I changed my skin care routine between the seasons but I think I naturally change things round when I feel like my skin needs a change.
The main area I change is my moisturisers and the use of a serum. The cleaners, toners and eye makeup removers tend to be very similar all year round. One this I have noticed is I haven’t been using a liquid face wash as much as I did in summer. A couple of reasons for this include. I don’t enjoy using the ones I have in the bathroom now and I haven’t got around to putting another one in there and I feel like I’m happier using the below products.

Winter Facial Skin CareBotanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover – I’ve been using this dual phase cleansers for a few months and I find it works well. It’s quite oily but that really helps to remove all my eye makeup in a short space of time. This is one of Boot’s own brands and is almost always on offer. I’ve used a few of the two-phase eye makeup removers and this is one of my favourites.

Botanics 3 in 1 micellar cleansing solution – Again I’ve used this for quite a while and like the eye makeup remover it is a repeat purchase. It feels gentle and I find it does make my face feel clean.
Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner – Gentle by name and nature. This almost feels as gentler than the micellar water. As you can see I’ve used most of it but I don’t think I would buy it again as I feel like I want something with a little more oomph to tone my face.

Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Serum – This is a new product to me and I got it in my last Love Me Beauty delivery and I’m in love. I’m considering buying a full size of this however at an RRP of £45 (A lot of places have it for around £36) it’s a big outlay for this budget loving girl.

Garnier Moisture Restore Plus – This is a night moisturiser which I use every night except for when I use the moisture masks. It has a gel consistency and my skin seems to really like it. It doesn’t sting or burn like some cream can (never a good thing) I also make my skin feel hydrated in the morning and I often skin a day time moisturiser but on days when I do need some I use this as well as it seems to be a lot lighter than other night moisturisers that I have tried.

Nuxe Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute – I think this might be my product of the year for 2016. I have had three of these and while it has an RRP of £18.50 I’ve been lucky enough to get each of them in beauty boxes or as a free-gift when buying a beauty box. I have considered buying this but when I did go to buy it I got emails about the beauty boxes. The directions for this is to put a thick layer on and after 10 minutes’ rub in the excess. With my skin, it has almost always fully soaked in after the time and now I tend to put a thick layer on before bed. Sometime it leaves a residue but a quick swipe over with toner removes this and my skin always feels amazing the day after. In winter, I use this once or twice a week. The rest of the year I use it once a fortnight or as I feel I need a bit of extra moisture.

Caudalie Masque Hydratant – I wanted to mention this as it’s something I’ve only been using for a couple of weeks after I received it in my Love Me Beauty box and it’s amazing. It might even replace my Nuxe Masque obsession. It is slightly more expensive at £22 and it is the same concept as the Nuxe mask but the cream is slightly thicker and my skin is feeling the best it’s ever been. I had to give it a mention. I’m almost out of the sample and I have almost a full Nuxe mask left so I won’t be rushing out to purchase it just yet and I do feel like I want another sample size to test and make sure I do really love it.
The Collab Girlies Winter Skin Care

A quick mention of the day moisturiser I have been using occasionally. I’ve been reaching for the Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser. I took a sample size on holiday in October and again in December and I have been using what’s left in those tubes. I do normally use a Nivea or Garnier drug store but I’m trying to use products I’ve got in beauty boxes 

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