Things that have made me smile in January 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017

For a while, I’ve been thinking about reintroducing favourites posts, however I can never decide what I’ve liked in a month. I’m often a little bit miserable as well. Taking inspiration from a few other bloggers, who do favourites, weekly goal updates, things that have made them happy I’ve decided to start talking about things that have made me smile.

The first thing that has made me smile is a little indulgent. Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bombs. I’ve gathered all the ones I have and I have amassed quite a stash. This made me smile as now I know I have quite a few. (thank you, secret Santa, and January sales) I have been using them. Hot baths also make me smile but we’ll count that as one thing.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath mallows and bath blasters

New Socks. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that bring great joy. I’ve been buying new socks as I’ve realised how bad some of my existing pairs are. Time for a clear out.

New primark socks

One thing I really don’t like is pictures of myself. I don’t like phone selfies. I rarely like pictures other people take but something my blogging friend Leah has mentioned is that Selfies are not selfish. As January 1st rolled round there was a huge number of people posting comparison pictures on Instagram and I trawled back through my IG account to find a January selfie and I couldn’t find one. I found a couple of bad mirror selfies from April. I looked through friend’s accounts as I’d been away in January and I could only find a group picture and I wanted to cry at the picture. Luckily FB Memories came to the rescue on January 2nd and threw up selfie number one 2016. Since then I have been trying to take selfies. I’m not good at them on my phone and I’m hoping my new phone (Still to be ordered) will have a decent front facing camera. I have been “cheating” and using my proper camera to take a selfie on a Sunday morning. I like the pictures so far and I’m aiming to post a few of these on my Instagram account. So far, I have been posting them on my second IG account. I am also trying to smile in them so technically they have made me smile in two ways.


Getting a Wedding invite. I’ve been invited to a colleagues wedding reception in May and getting the invite has put a huge smile on my face. The invite is beautiful and I wasn’t expecting the invite. I know she has a lot of friends and family to invite. I’ve booked a room at the venue and ask my friend Nat to save the date as we are always each other’s Plus 1 at weddings and christenings.

A slightly random smile raising moment was finding out that the next Chinese year is the Rooster. I was born in the year of the Rooster and I feel like it’s a sign 2017 will be great. I don’t usually believe in signs but I must have some faith in good luck omens and I always say good morning to magpies.

I’d love to know what has made you smile so far, this month 

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