Use 7 by Spring - A 2017 Panning Challenge

Friday, January 27, 2017

The official start of Spring 2017 is 20th March and I’ve picked out 7 products I want to make a good dent in by then.

I have decided not to do a use 17 in 2017 year-long project pan as it was bloody hard work last year if I’m being honest and while I did well on my use 16 in 2016 I got confused, I tailed off towards the end of the year and felt pressure to do something.

This year I’m planning to do around 4 smaller project pans, focusing on a smaller number of items and they will be more beauty than makeup based.

I’ve picked out seven items to try and use by Spring. This might not be a traditional project pan as I’m not aiming to finish the items. If I do, then great. If I don’t it’s not the end of the world. If I don’t use the product at all the I need to look at why.

I have learnt a lot about myself from Panning over the last two years and I think for me at least panning isn’t about using every scrap of product but about getting good value from a product, working out what works. Letting go of products that aren’t working.

It’s often not about lowering the number of products I own, but making sure I use products up.
In 2017 I want to try and do more of a makeup rotation, especially of products that are open. In 2016 I managed to stop opening new mascara’s until it was time to use them. Helping to keep them “fresh” and I decluttered a lot of products. I’m hoping this will continue in 2017.

For the first of my panning challenges I’ve picked out 7 items I want to use. I like these products (I think) and I want to use them before they go off.

Seascape – Soothe Body Butter RRP of approx. £20.00 for 175ml. A full and unopened item. This came from a beauty box last year and smells of lavender. It will be lovely after a bath, before bed. I’ve fallen in to a terrible sleep pattern, combined with nightmares, so I am optimistic this might relax me and sweeten my dreams.

Use 7 by Spring Project Pan - Seascape body butter

Soap & Glory – Heel Genius RRP £5.50 for 125ml. I have a couple of these from sets over the years and I rarely reach for them. I love the hand good from Soap & Glory so I don’t know what puts me off about the foot cream. (Apart from it involving touching my own feet)

Soap and Glory Heel genius Use 7 by Spring Project Pan

V05 – Smoothly Does It RRP Approx. £4.00 for 100ml. I’ve used this periodically since I bought it and do like it, however I can’t seem to use it consistently. By including it in this project I should get myself into a habit of using it and if not it has to go.

V05 Smoothly does it Use 7 by Spring Project Pan

Essie – Grow Stronger RRP £8.99 for 13.5ml. I bought this when I last attempted to grow my nails and loved the product but I don’t do my nails very often and usually forget to use it. I’ve recently bought the Sensationail kit from boots and I’m determined to use this for a few days between changing gel colours.

Essie Grow Stronger growth treatment

Revlon – Lip Butter 035 Candy Apple RRP £7.99 for 2.55g. This was the only item I considered not finished from my Use 16 in 2016. It’s one of those products I want to finish to have a sense of achievement but I do really like it so I’m happy to still have it in my makeup collection.

L’Oréal – Pure Clay Glow Mask RRP £7.99 for 50ml. I love a good face mask but other than individual sachets or sample sizes I don’t think I’ve ever completely used one up. I have bought all three of the masks from this range and this is the one I like the least. It’s not the product itself. It’s a perfectly nice mask but it’s more of an exfoliator as it’s gritty. That isn’t what I want from a mask. I’m also annoyed by this as the first time I opened it I dropped the safety seal cap on my bed and it has stained. It could have happened with any of them but it annoyed me and I have taken umbrage with it.

Balm Balm – Lip Balm RRP £5.50 7ml. Another beauty box find and I do like this product despite it being rose & geranium scented. These are my least favourite scents and together they do me no flavours. I have use a large amount of this as it isn’t as over powering as I first expected. It is also a multipurpose balm and I have been using it on my elbows which are extremely dry at all times.

Balm Balm Rose and Geranium Lip Balm

Maybelline – Colour Tattoo in Crème de Rose RRP £4.99 for x g. I have decided to have this product as a year-long panning challenge item. I love this product but it is drying up. I often forget about it. It would be a shame to have to get rid of it because it’s gone bad before I’ve got my monies worth so I’m adding this on as a bonus item. In future challenges this might be one of the items or I might decide to keep it as a standalone item but I don’t think it will warrant its own blog post updates.
maybelline  color tattoo creme de rose

Are you planning any panning challenges? Let me know I’d love to read or watch your panning posts. How do we think I will get on?

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