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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

It's time to start mixing up my skin care and make the break into spring. (It's on it's way there is no denying it) 

I've used up most of the products that featured in my winter skin care post and I decided to check out the Boots essentials line. I had some Boots advantage card vouchers which included one for extra points when I spent £7 on boots branded skin care. 

Boots Essentials Fragrance Free

The Boots Essentials range is one that I've used a number of times in the past and I've always like it. It is the budget line and most products are £1.50 each with and offer of 3 for £3.00. 

Moisturising Cream 

This is a very thick cream and I haven't used it yet, It seems like it will work best as a night cream. 

Facial Toner

A nice refreshing toner, this seems quite gentle and is very refreshing. I've only used this a couple of times at the moment. 

Eye Make Up Remover Lotion

I don't think I have used a product like this for a long time. The consistency of the product is quite thick and worked well to remove all my eye make up quickly. It's not my preferred type of eye make up remover. 

Boots Essentials Fragrance Free

Boots Essentials Cucumber

Initially, this is the only range I was going to buy from as I've heard really good things about it. When I looked at the range of items I realised I didn't need one of everything from the range and it seemed like a good idea to buy from both ranges to test them out. 

Eye Make Up Remover Gel

Again I haven't use a product like this before and I love the idea of it. It is really cooling and I love how it feel on my eyes. It doesn't remove my make up as effectively as I would have liked. I do think this would be good to keep in the fridge to cool tired eyes especially in the summer months. 

Eye Gel 

This is my favourite product in the essentials range. It's cooling and soothing and I'm really enjoying using this. 

Facial Toner

Another gentle and soothing toner. My skin feels nice and refreshed after using it and I think like all the other products in the cucumber range it would be great kept in the fridge. 

Boots Essentials Cucumber

I would be happy to buy these again and I think they would be good to take away on holiday where you didn't want to take expensive products and for the price I know I wouldn't mind leaving these behind to save weight. 

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