Primark Fripperies| Bedroom Accessories and Faux Plants

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My room was redecorated about two years ago now, but I'm still trying to get it perfect.

I have an issue of too many things. I own too many clothes, I own too many beauty and make up items. 

I also buy too many fripperies and I can't stop myself. I have been buying more and I'm extremely happy with what I've picked up in my latest haul. 


The think Primark are so good at it is, quickly getting on board with current trends. FriYay has been all over the internet and I rejoice at getting to every Friday. It might be wishing my life away but now I have a plaque to celebrate with. 

I'm wondering how often I can get away with sharing this on Instagram? Best of all it was reduced to 50p. 

Primark FriYay hanging plaque pink

Hanging Heart

I subconsciously collect hearts. I hadn't really thought about this until after I got home from my recent shopping trip and now realise I have a good number of hearts in various sizes (I almost said shapes and sizes but they are all heart shaped) 

The cut out detail of this is very cute and it was also 50p.  

Primark cut out white heart hanging plaque

Oh Look Another Heart

For £1 I couldn't leave this heart photo frame behind. I also like the quote inside and I think I will leave this as it is for now. 

The photo hasn't picked it up, but the scalloped detail is gold paint and I like that little touch. 

Primark white heart hanging plaque to glam to give a damn!

Faux Succulents 

I have been looking at getting some real succulents and while in theory they are easy to keep, I know that they wouldn't survive in my care. 

There is quite a lot of choice in Primark at the moment and each of these were £2.50. 

I think I will be picking up a couple more of these in the next week or so. 

Primark Faux Succulents  Cactus

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