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Friday, April 28, 2017

As a blogger I do get the odd interesting email, but like most people, most of my emails are from brands I've bought from in the past sharing today's special offers.

One I received a couple of weeks ago was exactly what I needed. After a very stressful week(s)  with my gran. The email read something along the line of would it be possible to send you some Prosecco from Premier Estates

Yes, please!

Premier Estates Prosecco

I was sent a mini size 20cl and a 75cl bottle of prosecco and a 75cl bottle of Grand Rosé. The package arrived really quickly and was extremely well packaged. Each bottle was in an inflated air case to stop it from breaking in transit.

The Grand Rosé is 11% vol. 75cl and is £9.99 a bottle but if you buy a case of 6 it comes down to £7.99. It is made up of grapes from the Veneto region of North Eastern Italy using a blend of red and green grapes.

This wasn't as dry as I was expecting, but as I've been only really drinking prosecco which is traditionally sweeter it was exactly what I like in a wine. It was light and sparkling and made for a very enjoyable drink. It has a fresh fruit flavour and I could see it working well with a meal as well as the way I had it. I enjoyed this on a Friday night relaxing at home with my mum.

Premier Estates Prosecco

The Prosecco is also 11% vol. 75cl and retails for the same price as the Grand Rosé

We didn't get a chance to drink this for a couple of weeks as everything has been hectic, if you follow me on social media you will know how busy it has been.

I shared this bottle with my papa and he was very impressed with it and asked me to buy some more of it.

It's light, fruity and sweet, but not overly sweet. It made for a very nice spring drink. I think this would also work well for some prosecco cocktails.

Premier Estates Prosecco

I have since placed an order, as I mentioned these 3 bottles were sent to me for review purpose and I was very impressed with the website. It was easy to use and you can select a mixed case rather than having to order 6 of each kind. 

They have 3 options for the mixed case. You can have 2 bottles of Cava, 2 Grand Rosé & 2 Prosecco, or a mix of 3 of each. 

I went for 3 Grand Rosé and 3 Prosecco. If you sign up for the newsletter you get 5% off orders over £50. As my order was £47. I added a single mini size prosecco to bring it up to the amount

as this will be handy to give to a friend as part of their birthday gift.

Once the order was confirmed I got an email, which made me giggle. I've added a snippet of it below. 

This was followed by a shipping confirmation and an email from the CEO. I place the order using a different email address than the one I use for blogging, for the simple reason, that email is the one linked to my PayPal account. 

As I placed the order before 4pm (just) it was eligable for next day delivery and it arrived promptly was safely and I have to commend Harry on his packing skills. 

These will be heading toward the fridge and a bottle or two enjoyed over the coming bank holiday weekend.

Thank you to Premier Estates for reaching out to me and well done on your quick service for regular orders. 


Premier Estates Prosecco
I was not paid to write this review, I received 3 bottles of wine in return for an unbias review and all opinions are my own. 

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