BEAUTY | Color Pop - I got a bit over excited in the sale!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Color Pop (it’s so hard not to write colour pop) is a brand I’ve lusted over for a while and I’ve watched repeatedly American YouTubers use the products and with each release, I’ve wanted to try it more and more.

I’m not often sucked in by you tuber brands, Ok so that’s not totally true but I’ve not often given in to the temptation for a while at least. 

A few weeks ago, there was a sale, plus free overseas delivery if you spent over a certain amount and the temptation tipped over. May is my Birthday month.

I did get the dreaded customs fees. But it’s not the customs fees that bother me, it’s the Royal Mail handling fees. It was £12 in Customs fee’s to cover UK VAT. That I’m ok with, it sucks but if I was buying it here I’d be paying it. The additional £8 for the handling fees is the twist of the knife. It’s done. I’m more or less happy with what I’ve bought and with what I saved in the sale and with postage It’s more that covered the charges I’ve paid.

It does sour the pill a bit but the price we pay and I’ve got products I’ve wanted to try for a long time.
What did I buy?

 Pressed Eye Shadow in the shade Bel Air – This is a great neutral brown shade, this will work well as an all-over shade and as a transition colour.  

 Eye Makeup Brush – (gift) A nice angled brush, I believe they recommended this to apply the super shock shadows but for me, it’s much more of an eyebrow brush. I will try and report back once I’ve used it. 

Super Shock Shadow in the shade CoPilot – A very shimmery pink. This is much sparklier than I’d expected but it is a beautiful shadow.

Lippie Stick Primer – I don’t know if this is an Emperor’s new clothes kinda product but it smells delicious and I’m going to use it

Party Trick a set of 6 Super Shock Shadows – This is a fantastic set of six sparkly and metallic shades. I’m excited to use this set.

LippieToGo-InATwist a set of 5 mini Lippie Sticks – I couldn’t decide on just one shade so this mini set was a perfect introduction to them. One of the shades has been damaged in shipping but I’m sure I can sort it out. All the shades are wearable, 2 of the 5 are not my kind of colours but I will give them a try and pass them on to a friend.

Set of 3 - Out and About Liquid Lipsticks – This was my biggest gamble. I’m not a huge wearer of liquid lipsticks and colours can look so different online to in person. I like how these swatched but I’ve tried wearing one of them and I’m not sure it was very me, however, I think in autumn/winter it would be much more wearable.

I have made a video with swatches which hopefully will be live about the same time as this post so you can see for yourself my first impressions. 

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