FOOD AND DRINK | Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauce

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It feels like we should be in prime barbeque season, it’s almost June and the sun is trying it’s best to come out but it seems like the April showers are still finding their way through. When I was offered the chance to receive and try some of the Jack Daniel’s Barbeque sauces and I was interested.

I was sent two bottles the original and then Honey Glaze, I have a few ideas how I’d use these if we were to have a barbeque, I haven’t been able to put those plans into actions.

My ideas included glazing pork loins with the original one and using the honey glaze over chicken and veg kebabs. I know could have just done these in my oven but where is the fun in that. I still want to try both sauces with pork chops. (tomorrows tea?)

We decided to think creatively, as we had all the ingredients in to make a stir fry, why not try the honey sauce.

I’m no food blogger so I won’t insult you with a recipe and my style of cooking is chuck it all in a pan and hope for the best. Fingers crossed I haven’t come unstuck so far.

We used around a third of a bottle of the honey glaze poured over chicken and veg that had been stir fried in a wok until cooked.

Severed with homemade oven chips, these are so easy to make, just cut up a potato or two and cook in the oven with fry light (it works better than poured oil in my opinion)

For a final flourish, we served with a Lancashire pitta (oven bottom muffin) that had been reheated (burnt) in the oven.  

We haven’t tried the original sauce as yet but from having a quick taste, this would be good as a dipping sauce as well as used in cooking

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