#VikingArtyParty - Craft Afternoon in Manchester

Friday, May 05, 2017

Last weekend or was it the one before? (The one before - time is running away from me) I was invited to get crafty with Viking at their #VikingArtyParty in Manchester. 

We were greeted with name tags and swizzles sweets, this was going to be a good day and they hadn't let us near any craft supplies. 

The venue was The King Street Townhouse and we were lucky enough to have a sunny day and access to the sixth-floor terrace. 

I could have spent all day looking at that view, but we weren't there for the view. We were there to get arty. 

We'd been allocated different colours on arrival which determined the order we did each of the three activities. The room was a really god sized room with plenty of room for all of us and I love the pastel bunting and I liked that we didn't have to get ourselves in groups. There is always that fear of being picked last. 

My first activity was Caligraphy with Joyce from Artsynibs. I've met Joyce before and she is so calming and patient. She explained how to put the pens together and we worked through the booklet she'd provided. 

I'd love to say this is a task I excel at but sadly my calligraphy skills need a lot more work. I'm sure I had to be reminded to breath more than once. 

The photo below was taken by the photographer Matt and I can see that I'm holding my pen wrong, it should be inline with my arm. 

credit Matt and Viking

My next activity was notebook customisation. This was my favourite of the three activities. look at all that beautiful paper. 

I chose quite a simple design and I love this blue and gold paper. Initially, I'd planned to go down a floral, pink theme but as soon as I saw this paper I knew I had to use it. 

This task suited me, as it involves some of my favourite things;

Cutting, glueing, sticking and washi tape. There was even a bit of ribbon and some gold leaf in the end. 

Matt also managed to capture a picture of me smiling and looking directly at the camera. I don't remember this being taken but I do like this picture a lot. 

Chloe from The Crafty Hen was on hand to guide us through the process of transforming our plain notebooks into something much prettier and showed us easy ways to make pockets on the inside covers. 

credit Matt and Viking

My final task was printing on magazine files. We had the opportunity to carve into an eraser and create our design. This activity was a lot of fun and some of the designs the others created were incredible. I found this the hardest task and took and easy out by trying to create a beach hut design. I'm not sure how successful it was but I have some ideas to improve it. 

Stacey from The Crafty Hen showed us the different techniques on the box file in the picture below. She explained really well how to drop and then press the stamp as the box file was glossy and the stamp just wanted to slide everywhere and not where you wanted it to be. 

If you fancy recreating this task acrylic paint is your friend and the ink filled pads won't dry on this sort of surface. 

Viking not only provided us with all the equipment for the day, they also sent us away with a gift bag of supplies to decorate a mug. I've not had a chance to do this yet but I'm hoping to get creative again soon. 

Viking wrote up a post on the day which I'm sure they would love you to read. I'll leave you with one last photo. Taken by Matt. 

This might be a bit vain but I spent most of the day hiding from him and ducked whenever I spotted him (sorry Matt). He managed to get some photos that I like. I was scanning the file Viking sent over and this is one of the first ones my eye settled on. I'm messy, I'm surprised they let me over the threshold but I'm so glad they did and I'm glad this picture was taken. 
credit Matt and Viking

My gran had passed away the day before the event and I was so torn about attending. There was nothing we could do until the Monday so I made the decision to still go. I don't think I let anyone know what had happened and I was in a bit of a daze for most of the event. 

I might have looked like I wasn't enjoying myself for part of the time but I really did and I think it was the best thing I could have done. It provided a well-needed distraction. I got to meet lots of new people and catch up with some bloggers I already know. I was on an emotional rollercoaster for most of the day and I almost left after the first activity but decided I needed to stay and I really enjoyed the day. 

To Viking and everyone who went into organising this event. Thank You!

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