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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Recently I was offered the chance to review a pair of Wingz Fashion Sleeves. This is a product I have tried a few years ago and loved and was more than happy to try something else from their range.

Wingz are a hard product to describe, they are not a top or underwear. Simply put they are sleeves. 

You wear them under a top or a dress to add sleeves, I think the idea is to mainly wear them under dresses but I currently don't have any sleeveless dresses that I felt would work with the pair I was sent.

I decided to wear mine for work with quite a casual vest top and trousers. I also wore a waistcoat cardigan with a hem that mirrored the shape of the sleeves.

Wearing the Wingz this way I smartened up a work look and dressed down the wingz themselves.

The second time I wore them was to a funeral. I still wore trousers and a slightly smarter t-shirt. I didn't get a photo of this look. It felt a little much to take photos of an outfit I wore to a funeral.

I love the delicate material and the lace design, I felt comfortable wearing them and I didn't feel like they were going to slip off my shoulders or that it was obvious I'd added separate sleeves to a top and even had compliments on how nice my new top was. 

My office temperature varies dramatically from  hour to hour and I was warm and cool enough, as a rule, I have no issue walking around with bare arms but in an office environment I always feel like I should at least cover my shoulder and this product was a good way for my to do that without adding bulk. 

There are 4 size ranges offered covering UK Sizes 6 -28 which is a good broad range, I would love it if they covered a large size ranged and do feel that because of the jersey material and the elastic it may fit a couple of sizes either side of the range. I opted for the size 2 which covers sizes 18-22 and while I don't think the size below would have been big enough, the size above would have been too big. 

The below pictures shows a close up of the lace and a picture of how the Wingz look before you add the top layer. 

I'm sure I will be wearing these a lot in the future and I'm going to dust down my other pair, which is plain black and try them with other tops and dresses. 

wingz sleeves product review

This pair of wingz was sent to me as a review item and I have not been paid for this review, as always all words and opinions are my own.

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