December 29/31 Sales

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Did you venture out on Boxing day?
 We did, we went in to Manchester City Centre and despite it being busy it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

First stop was Simply be, I'd been in on the Saturday before Xmas and got some bargains. My mum wanted to have a look and i killed a bit of time while she tried some things on by taking pictures of my Feet (sooooo pretty (the colour of my shoes not my feet))
 My mum got a red dress, i didn't get anything on my first trip round but we did go in 3 times and i might have got 2 dresses and a pair of PJ style pants.
I deviated from my 30x30 to wear my new Sainsburys Jeggins £12.50 size 24 (they are a bit big but i think a size down would have been too small), i also wore a top my mum got from from Encurentro (sp) Size XL and the bracelets i got for Christmas, they are also from Spain.

In the sales I got:
Simply Be:

Grey swan print dress £10.00

Purple Ring print dress £10.00

Red Dress £10

Tailored Trousers £5

I also got a patent Handbag but can't find it on the website for £7. 

 Fab sale, a lot of these items are still full price or only partly reduced online as well.

I also got some things from Boots,  a New Hello Kitty Purse, a Hello Kitty Makeup bag with bath goodies inside, a Button purse and keyring and a Stamp Set, just because it had buttons on it!

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