January In Review

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Afternoon Lovelies,

I thought I'd do a quick review of each month. 

January started with me joining a new challenge on my personal facebook, called The Artful Readers Club set up by the very lovely Darcy for more info click here 
The first book review I've done can be found here

I though it would only be fair to include the first photo of the year, 3AM NYD, I normally hate NYE but this the one was fab. if you want to read more click here
The first weekend of the new year brought a Rad Fat Shopping Trip to Doncaster

We shopped, we chatted, we ate and we put the world to rights 
To read more click Here and Here
January proved to be a very busy month for me, next up was the Rad Fat Clothes Swap in Leeds, I had such a good day and there is more about it here
I also got this brooch, which wasn't swapped but purchased from Chloe 
Next up saw the 2nd Fatshionologie challenge. 
This challenge only started in December, for our first challenge of 2013 we decided to go with Bargain Outfit for £15 or less

On the 19th myself and 2 friends went on a chocolate truffle making course, want to see how we got on? Click Here
On the Doncaster trip 4 of the girls bought the same dress I had already snaffled from the Manchester Simply Be, we decided to do a post on how we would style it, click Here to read more

We also got Snow, Deep snow sadly not enough for a snow day but enough to make everyone Fb message and Tweet about it.
January also saw me change the blog name, good bye She's Electric and Hello Seeing Spots! 

Plus North Tickets also went on sale and i've found myself in possession of a ticket and a hotel. Click Here to read my excitable post
The penultimate post for January was going to be a rant but just became this
The final thing i want to mention me and 4 other lovely bloggers were featured on Simply Be's FB Page, this i think has given away by blogging in secret thing, so if i know you in real life hello 

Be Nice

If you can't...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Say anything nice, please don't say anything at all.

That is all


Plus North 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

I'm sure you are all aware of Plus North. I just want to share my excitement that tickets went on sale yesterday and i've bought mine! I have also booked a hotel. I might only live 10 miles from Manchester but i don't like to miss out. 

I've booked my hotel for Friday and Saturday night. I've booked in the hotel next door one because it was cheap 2 because i know other people who have booked in the same hotel. 

Becky and Toni will be pulling together a hotel list and they have got a corporate rate at the venue but I was too impatient to wait to find out what this was.

Are you going to Plus North? Are you staying over? Are you Excited? Did you go to last years? if so can you send me your link if you wrote a blog post? 
Thanks xxx

New Name

New Name.... Seeing Spots....

Monday, January 28, 2013

Evening Lovelies, 

First things first, I have a new blog name and URL, as well as a new Twitter name and updated facebook pages.

Welcome to Seeing Spots...

I'm sad to say good bye to She's Electric but as this blog is now public and i'm going to more blogger events more of my real life friends are going to find this so I wanted something new and fresh. 

I asked for help and got some really good ideas but as I was writing a post earlier today I noticed I used Seeing Spots for pretty much every blog post title where I wear something spotty. 

I threw the idea out to a few regulars on twitter and everyone said they liked it. So here we are!

I thought i'd also pop in Sundays OOTD. 
 Cardie - Simply Be
Top DP  via the fat swap (I believe it was Beth's) 
Brooch - Pesky Chloe i ordered a goodie baf along with some other items before Christmas and this was one of the items x
I also wore the Skinny Jeans i got from the clothes swap, they were originally from New Look. I'd love to know who took them xxx

The top is very much a summer top but the colours worked quite well with the cardie x


Seeing Spots

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday the snow came and it got to the point where buses, trains and trams got cancelled, snow ploughs were dispatched by the local council, people had to abandon their cars. 
 I made it home before anything got cancelled and leaned out the back door to snap a few shots.
 Look how orange the sky was- full of pesky snow! 
Saturday the snow had stopped and public transport was back to normal. My aim was to get a new phone and mine is knackered. I have my heart set on the Samsung SIII mini but it seems to be v popular and out of stock! 
 I did manage to get my eyebrows waxed, i made the most of the mirror in the treatment room to snap a few photos of myself. 
 I wore Jersey shirt from Next Jeffins Sainsburys brooch from Superdrug its a charity one for childline and the boots were from TK Maxx a few years ago x
My eyebrows still hurt but at least they don't look like they gave a mind of their own now!!!


Simply Perfect for Every Size

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi Lovelies, 

As you might remember I had a shopping day in Doncaster with some of the fab ladies of twiiter. 

The first stop was simply be and there was a mass purchase of paisley dresses! Now i didn't join in the mass buying, no i already had the dress. 

We thought it would be a fun idea to all do a post of how we wear our dress.

Now you have already seen me wear this dress - well try it on at least  but that wasn't a true picture of how i would wear the dress.

I wore my dress for my first day back at work on 7th January 2013 and a number of people commented on how much they liked the dress.
 I wore the dress with burgundy tights and a mini cardie which is from Asda via my mum's wardrobe. 
 I also more my kidneybean necklace and bracelet.
 I would normally stay away from high necks and the gathered twisted waist normally doesn't sit well on me, Wallis do a lot of dresses like this and they don't fit me well (ok i'm too fat for wallis these days)
  Ops a boob shot!




I thought i'd also treat you to a shoe shot as i can never get a fully full length photo of myself. These little beauties are from Matalan and think were £12.

Go and check out the other ladies who have fab tastes in dresses

Since writing the original post (we'd planned to post earlier in the month) I have worn the dress again, thought I'd share how i wore it for a second time x

 Not sure why it's all bunched up!

Artful readers club

The Artful Readers Club #1

Friday, January 25, 2013

As you might know i have signed up for Darcy's The Artful Readers Club today is the day we reveal our first review and art work.

The book I chose to read first was From The Dead - Mark Billingham. I chose to read this first almost by accident as i wasn't 100% sure if i'd read it before so decided to read a couple of pages before i knew it i'd read 90+ pages and we were still in December.
  • The story is centred around a private detective who has been engaged by a woman who has recently been released from gaol, the case is proving trickier than she anticipated and to the police officer who originally investigated the crime for help.
  • The PI turns to DCI Tom Thorne, for help as she has come to a dead end,  Donna her Client initially doesn't want the police involved but it turns out they need their help.
  • Donna has been sent a number of photographs of her ex husband, the ex husband she paid to be killed 10 years earlier and spent the last 10 years in gaol for. Donna recruits a PI to get to the bottom of the mystery. A number of sub plots lead off the main story such as the Ex Husbands double life, a missing daughter and another missing girl and the polices embarrassment when a trial falls apart.
  • I really enjoyed this book, I read a wide variety of books but always enjoy crime fiction. I like this book as its set in the UK.I was screaming at the book as I knew where it was. My Art is this photo. Sadly its not a great drawing and i didn't like it so didn't colour it it. it might be a work in progress.
  • Over all i really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others, I have read another book by the same author and I would read others.

 This is the book I read, I didn't pay £5 for it most of our books come from Charity shops.
 The back, if you can make it out

In February i'm planning to read The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

Have you read either book? Would you read either book?


Friday I'm in Love

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evening lovelies, 

Sad news today, its still only Thursday, i've been very disappointed about 3 times today when i've realised. 

Happy News, it's Friday tomorrow whoop whoop!
Luckily when i was getting dressed I realised it was only Thursday and work work appropriate clothing. 

Skirt Asda via the clothes swap.
Cardie Tesco via Sera McDaid's clothes challenge
Vest Unseen Primark PJ set
Belt DP  Via the clothes swap
Brooch Superdrug - its a charity one for Childline

PS i hadn't done my hair at this point, and when i said did my hair i mean scrape it into a bobble!

Afternoon tea

We haven't had any tea for a week...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Never fear, tea was had today. 

This afternoon Nat had booked us in to Annies in Manchester for afternoon tea before we went making truffles. 
 I adore willow pattern chine and these cups are so cute.
 real tea leaves.
 A perfect brew.
 Tea for three. The only thing i would say is i'm glad Irene doesn't drink tea as we only got just over 5 cups in total, now i'm not sure if its cool to ask for more hot water or another pot, so we moved on to juice for me and Irene and Rosé for Nat.
 The sandwiches were really nice and as Irene is both Pregnant and vegetarian they were very good at making up some different sandwiches as they'd given us mainly ham and beef, 1 cucumber and one smoked salmon.

The beef with horseradish and the ham with wholegrain mustard were my favourite. 

They also brought out an epic looking burger to a near by table, i think we will be going back.

the food is a little dearer than we'd normally go for but I bet its only the same price as Hard rock or TGI's about £13 for a main course.

Next we went and made truffles, i really wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. I have never made them before although i get the general jist of them the course was really interesting. 

The woman leading the course was called Gill and she gave us a brief history of chocolate and then showed us how to make ganache. 

She asked us to work in Groups of 4, so we asked a couple to swap places with us so all three of us could be together.

I poured the 4 the member of our team mixed (I wish i asked her , her name) Nat and Irene put the mix in a pipping bag (this we were told was for Hygiene reasons as you wouldn't do this at home) 

Nat warmed the mix to make it easier to pipe. 
 I do love these photo's of her! 
 Pipping was the funniest and grossest thing i've seen for a while!
  We all took our turn

 I managed to pipe a C shape.

 once this had had a chance to cool slightly we got to roll in to truffle shapes
 My hands are far too hot for this task, Irene had perfect round truffles mine just melted as soon as i touched them!

We got to decorate half of them with icing sugar, coco powder, coconut and nuts
 There was also an option to stay for an extra hour to learn how to temper chocolate which we decided to do.
 And then decorate our truffles with the tempered chocolate. I shall we say got a bit giddy.
 Everyone else was so need in comparison.
 We then got to decorate some delicate white chocolate lines over the top.
 Irene's were so beautifully decorated.
 Nat equally as pretty.

 Mine however were a disaster, i managed to cover myself if white chocolate and i can not pipe to save my life. plus i'd kind of given up my this point!
 I did break up all my excess chocolate i'd decorated my table with and bag it up.
 I will try making truffles again but i will had a bowl of ice water on standby as my hands are far too warm  and couldn't roll more than one before i was left in  a gooey sticky chocolatey mess!

Have you been on any courses? have you got any to recommend?