Doncaster Shopping Day

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Good Morning lovelies,

I know i have been going on about this on Twitter and FB but i can't tell you how excited i am for my little rail trip to Doncaster this weekend.

I am a bit of a split personality in the respect that i can come across as quite a loud person with friends and i will tell it straight but i am also a wrack of nerves, i find it hard to speak to new people.
I wasn't going to go to Doncaster as i'd already planned to go to the Leeds clothes swap but i though why no, go meet people and make some new friends. 

I have been to a couple of "Events" where i could have met new people and i did meet new people but i didn't ask people who they were or introduce myself. 

I went to the Last Leeds Far Swap and the i did speak to a few people but i only really knew one person by name and worked out a few other peoples name after the event. 

I also went to the Simply Be Manchester Store opening and it was the same, I almost felt like i should know who a lot of the people were. 

I need to remember i'm pretty new to this blogging malarky and i'm just doing it as a diary for me more than anything. not really sure anyone is reading it other than when i flog my link to death on Twitter! :0) 

I'm hoping to bring out my confident side on Saturday and chat to people and hopefully as its a dedicated day and we will be together i'll get to chat to people

Now what to wear? Are you going on Saturday? 

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  1. I'm sure you will have a fab time and do lots of talking xx

    1. Haha i can talk for england, its listening and asking people who they are i need to remember to do xxx

  2. That's what's great about blogging, you get to meet so many friendly, supportive people, and I only started blogging early in 2012, but I love it. Like you, I only write about what I want to on the basis that the blog is for me, and it's icing on the cake if anyone else is interested. And when they are I find it so extra great.
    Have a good time in Doncaster.

    1. Thanks Jez,

      i've been blogging on and off for a few years but this clothes (and not reading blog) is relatively new.

      apart from my photography blog this one has really has a community feel and i speak to a lot of like minded people on twitter and FB. it will be good to meet up with people then see a lot of them so soon after in Leeds the weekend after x

  3. Saw your bookshelf below for Artful Readers Club, but couldn't get past it. I'll try again when I've looked at the rest of the members' blogs.

    1. I will edit my original post or do another one with a written list of the books, i also need to update the shelfari widget with the other books x


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