Fat Shopping Doncaster

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Yesterday I met up with some of the other fat lovelies i know through Twitter for a day of shopping and food and a generally lovely day out.

I took my camera but forgot to take many photos. My day started at my local station 8.51 to Huddersfield.

Even thought this train was an hour earlier than the journey planner had advised i decided i'd rather get to Leeds in plenty of time rather than be on the last second. My plan had been to get a drink and some breakfast in Huddersfield but when arrived there was an express train to Leeds just arriving, i decided i might as well get on it.

I was in Leeds by half 9! an hour before Beth was due to arrive and an hour and a half before our train to Doncaster! I escaped the station and had a trotski to M&S to use the loo and put some make up on.

8 of us met and 8 of us shopped. first stop Simply Be - i was a bit disappointed as i couldn't find anything for me (this was a good thing as i'm poor) and because i have bought everything i liked in Simply Be already! Simply Be shops are always so welcoming and the staff really friendly chatty and helpful!

6 out of the 8 of us bought something and there is now a large number of us with the same dress! (Expect a post on that at a later date!)

We went into Lush, i want to love Lush but the smells are just to over powering for me but how cute is EVERYTHING!

We also went into a few more shops including Evans - now i know i don't have many nice things to say about Evans usually and i was hoping having 8 potential customers in at once it might be a different experience. NOPE. I clocked a couple of the assistants behind the till look over at us a few times but no one came near. This store was clearly aimed at the older market. I tried on a cute no sleeve shirt but it just didn't look right on me, it had too much fabric but was too tight under the arms.

Next up was Yours, again i'm not a massive fan of yours, i think they have too many rails and not enough space to look and see what is there. I saw some fab leggins but they were too big for me, i tried on few things but didn't buy anything. one dress was really nice except it had this strange peplum esc thing that i just didn't get!

New Look - i've been avoiding new look for a while as everyone i go to they seem to have removed or dramatically shrunk the Inspire range. The sale in New Look was fab IMO, i could have spent £100 or more. i tried on a few dresses and think i will brave the Manchester store once i've been paid to see if they have any of the things i tried on in 22 as i loved so much!

I got 2 dresses the one below which is a size 24, it feels a little big on the top half but i loved it too much not to buy it and the same style in Leopard print, my mum even likes the animal print one and she usually hates it!

I had planned to leave my leopard print getting till next weeks fat swap but couldn't resist!

I had such a good day with Laura, Beth, Lisa, Rebecca, Rachel, Becky and Lisa. Looking forward to next week and future meet ups xx

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  1. I loved the whole day and so happy to get to hang out more with you after the last swap! See you next weekend for the mext swap and mote lady dates! Xxx

    1. It was a fab day. had a really good time. Looking forward to the swap and hanging out afterwards x

  2. I'm glad you had fun! I can't go in Lush either. My sense of smell is so strong it gives me an instant migraine. The dress looks great on you. xx

    1. Thank you, i had a fab time can't wait for the swap x

  3. Love the leopard print! Erm when did Simply Be open shops??

    1. Simply be have had shops for a while, they've got a few stores mainly in the North http://www.simplybe.co.uk/shop/page?pageId=476 xxxx


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