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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hi Lovelies,
I've made a list of all the blogs I've found so far with posts relating to the fat clothes swap 12th January 2013.

I've done this as i love reading these posts and so i can come back to them.

Click the name to go to that persons blog, click the post title to be taken to their post relating to the swap.

If you have posted and I've not listed you please let me know. Email me or Tweet me or leave me a comment and i will update xxx

I've also added the below button to my side bar, click on it and it will like to any post labelled RAD FAT 

Rachel Fat Swap

Jen Rad Fat Clothes Swap

Rebs Fat clothes swapping in Leeds 12th January

Bettie Clothes Swap #4

Beth Rad Fat Swap!

Jess Plus Size Clothes Swap

Lolly Plus Sized Clothes Swap #4

Rebecca Today in Leeds...Plus size swap #4 yey!

Becky Busy BeBe

Rebs Fat clothes swapping in Leeds 12th January

Mel Rad Fat Clothes Swap #4

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  1. Ooh yay! Bookmarking for future reference! :)

    1. i loike looking back at old posts so at least i've got a quick way to get back to the post now x


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