Fa(t)shionologie #2 - Bargain

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Evening Lovelies,

Can you believe it's the 15th of the month already?

Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style 'theme' can be be rocked by a variety of different body shapes!

"Sales Bargain"

This months Fatshionologie challenge was all about sales bargains, we decided on a budget of £15 or less.

A few of us doing the challenge were going to the Clothes swap in Leeds and i'd decided to look for an outfit, as you might have seen from that post i might have got a few!

All the items below are from the saw with the exception of the Belt which i got from Evans years ago for under £5. I'm going to list the places the items originally came from where possible.

Necklace - Primark, still had the tags on.

Nail Varnish - Models own, this also looked to be sealed.

Brooch - unknown, i do love brooches and i'm going to try and wear them more this year.

Bag - H&M i did almost buy a bag similar to this, i'm a bit OCD in the fact i usually need a zip on my bag so i didn't buy but as this was technically free i can love without a zip.

Boots - Evans, these look hardly worn. i love the buckles

The self times photo i'd taken of myself was blury so i nipped in to peacocks to "try something on" aka take pictures of myself in the mirrors as they are the shop with the best lighting

I really love the top, the colours aren't ones i'd normally pic but i love it and although the jeans are a bit bunches round the ankles they are really comfy.

I also got some earrings, again i have no idea where they are from but they were still on a card.

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  1. I love this outfit! & it was all from the swap! :D i love the brooch and would have had it if i had seen it! I tried that jumper but was a little short on me :(. The boots were my friend Lisa. The butterfly earrings were mine :) x

    1. I love this outfit, think i will be wearing it for work on Friday.

      I love the colours in the top and i'm loving brooches at the momment.

      I really like finding out whoes items i've picked up. II've worn them every day and they are like brand new. Thank Lisa for me. i've been looking for some boots for ages and never found the perfect pair.

  2. Lovely outfit. Those boots are fab! xx

  3. The jumper was mine I'm glad it's got a new home ! Great outfit xx

    1. I love the jumper, going to be wearing it a lot!

  4. The bag was mine! It's too big for me :) You look amazing!

    1. Thanks hun, the bag is just the right size for me. xxx

  5. Love that necklace and the nailpolish and the outfit :))) Ixx


    1. Thanks, i love that the whole outfit came from the swap. xxx

  6. I loved the swap. My first one. :)

    Excellent outfit! And I'm loving the blog series too. Some great ideas. I make brooches. Would you like a freebie? :) If so, drop me a line. pookledo at googlemail dot com

  7. The swap was fab, so glad i could make it. xx


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