Friday I'm in Love

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Evening lovelies, 

Sad news today, its still only Thursday, i've been very disappointed about 3 times today when i've realised. 

Happy News, it's Friday tomorrow whoop whoop!
Luckily when i was getting dressed I realised it was only Thursday and work work appropriate clothing. 

Skirt Asda via the clothes swap.
Cardie Tesco via Sera McDaid's clothes challenge
Vest Unseen Primark PJ set
Belt DP  Via the clothes swap
Brooch Superdrug - its a charity one for Childline

PS i hadn't done my hair at this point, and when i said did my hair i mean scrape it into a bobble!

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  1. When you said 'Sad news' I was worried for you. Phew, so glad it was only a wrong day kind of sad :)xx

    Just me Leah

    1. Haha sorry for the scare, just be being over dramatic for a change x


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