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Monday, January 07, 2013

If you follow me on twitter you'll know my grandad has been in hospital since Friday. He been discharged tonight not sure what was wrong with him but he's not 100% there all the time and he almost fainted at a doctors appointment so he was taken in hospital.

My other gran (ie the gran he's not married to) went to visit him today then as she was going do the bus she fell in he middle of the road. Luckily the car that was coming spotted her. Stopped but she couldn't get up. 2 men helped her up and took her back to a&e but she didn't check in and got a taxi home as she'd booked an Iceland delivery. She phone my mum crying but as my mums got a broken arm couldn't take her back.

My dad took her to a&e when he got home and my mum went to wait for Iceland. He's come home as he thought he had to get him mum and take his da home. But their neighbour has taken him home.

Sorry if this is rambling I'm a bit of a Tia. I was at work so couldn't do anything.

I feel a bit bad with my gran being on her own in a&e.

Hope she phones soon.

In other news I've booked a flight to Berlin for my friends hen do in Berlin. So if you have any recommendation or tips for Berlin on August pleas let me know.

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UPDATE - gran got home about 10PM. Nothing broken and she is shake. Xxx

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