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Thursday, January 10, 2013

For a while I've been doing photos prompt challenges. I also do one on fb. But rather than daily posting I do a mad end of month update of things I've taken photos of that I can make for the posts. It's been. While since I have actively been out looking for pictures to take I match the prompts.

This year I'm going to be more organise and try and do as many as I can as well as doing photo 365 off my own back and using the photo 365 app on my iPod for as Long as its still alive.

I'm also going to do some of the FMSphotoaday prompt on intstagran

I've done days 1-7

1. Today - newspaper dated 01/01/2013

2. Something new - Simply Be trousers

3. Heart - one of my diaries.

4. The view from here - changing handbags over

5. Movement - I moved from Greenfield I Doncaster the train to go shopping

6. Mine - mine all mine. Hello kitty lippy

7. Street - I work next to Granada studios. You can just about see Coronation Street

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  1. Love these kinds of posts :) Hope you do more!! Ixx

    1. Thank you, i hoping to get a new phone in next couple of weeks so as long as its instagram compatible there will be lots more


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