January In Review

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Afternoon Lovelies,

I thought I'd do a quick review of each month. 

January started with me joining a new challenge on my personal facebook, called The Artful Readers Club set up by the very lovely Darcy for more info click here 
The first book review I've done can be found here

I though it would only be fair to include the first photo of the year, 3AM NYD, I normally hate NYE but this the one was fab. if you want to read more click here
The first weekend of the new year brought a Rad Fat Shopping Trip to Doncaster

We shopped, we chatted, we ate and we put the world to rights 
To read more click Here and Here
January proved to be a very busy month for me, next up was the Rad Fat Clothes Swap in Leeds, I had such a good day and there is more about it here
I also got this brooch, which wasn't swapped but purchased from Chloe 
Next up saw the 2nd Fatshionologie challenge. 
This challenge only started in December, for our first challenge of 2013 we decided to go with Bargain Outfit for £15 or less

On the 19th myself and 2 friends went on a chocolate truffle making course, want to see how we got on? Click Here
On the Doncaster trip 4 of the girls bought the same dress I had already snaffled from the Manchester Simply Be, we decided to do a post on how we would style it, click Here to read more

We also got Snow, Deep snow sadly not enough for a snow day but enough to make everyone Fb message and Tweet about it.
January also saw me change the blog name, good bye She's Electric and Hello Seeing Spots! 

Plus North Tickets also went on sale and i've found myself in possession of a ticket and a hotel. Click Here to read my excitable post
The penultimate post for January was going to be a rant but just became this
The final thing i want to mention me and 4 other lovely bloggers were featured on Simply Be's FB Page, this i think has given away by blogging in secret thing, so if i know you in real life hello 

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  1. Looks like you had fun this month :)

    I wanna try one of your truffles, nom.

    1. It was a very busy month!

      I didn't like the truffles, but I only really like milk chocolate x


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