Leopard in my Life

Monday, January 21, 2013

For a few weeks i've been thinking i need some leopard print in my life, other than shoes and a headband its not something i would wear.

I had planned to wait until the clothes swap to look for something, but when I went shopping in Doncaster i spotted this dress on the sale rail in New Look I knew I wanted it.

Its a size 20 and maybe a tad on the small side but it was the only one they had. When i tried it on Becky suggested it would be ok with a belt. As it had no label on it i decided to take it to the till and as long as it was under £11 (the same as another dress in the same style different print i'd picked up) it was mine. Bonus it was £9!!!!!

I was worried about wearing it for work in case it was a bit much but earlier in the week i'd noticed someone else wearing a very similar dress i decided to go for it.

I wore it with the belt i picked up at the clothes swap which is originally dotty p's and this has had a few wears this week.

I'm still in shock over the fab stuff i got last weekend! xxx

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  1. Looks great & live it with that belt! X

  2. I love that on you! I also love leopard :)

    1. i've never been a massive fan of it but i was like i need it!

  3. I have this dress too! Looks fab on you hun x

  4. EVERYONE needs a bit of leopard in their life! Looks great and the belt is ace. xx

  5. Im jells that I didnt get that dress too in New Look! I love it on you and Laura!


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