NYE 2012

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Hello again, 

wow 2 posts one night. 

I thought i might as well show you what i wore on my NYE night out.  
This pisture was taken at 3am - yes i was drunk and why i didn't get a sober picture is anyones guess.

Dress DP £10 
Jacket - Yours £15 
Scarf - Borrowed
Bag - Simply Be £7

originally we were going for a curry, so the shortness of the dress didn't worry me but we ended up in a local bar so i was a bit self concious but a few shots of sambuca and god only knows how many bottles of wine we went through!! 

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  1. I saw your tweets on NYE. It sounds like you had lots of fun! xx

    1. I was a drunken mess!!! i need to block twitter when i'm on a night out. Saying that it was the most successful NYE for a long time, no tears. No arguments, lots of wine and shots!

  2. Love it!! So very well styled :) xx


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