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Friday, January 04, 2013

Good Morning,

i have managed to delete the full photo of my outfit so rather than not post i thought i might as well use the instagram photo's i posted.

Dress Size 24 £10 Simply Be

I can not tell you how much i love this brooch and i can't for the life of my think where i got it from - i've had it for years and years and never worn it apart from maybe once or twice.

I'm not totally convinced by this dress - 3 times i put it back but the price tag lured me back, the waist seems to be in the wrong place, the neck is too high, i keep losing things (ok Haribo Gold Bears) down the keyhole neck.

I adore the dress, the colour, the print, the fabric just not how it sits on me!
I got myself a new headband from poundland, what do you think? 

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  1. I think your blog is beloved & you deserve a Liebester Blog Award

    Check out my Blog Awards post for more info!

    1. Thanks hun, i will do my post in the next few days xx

  2. Love the brooch! It's really funky. xx

    1. Thank you, its one that keeps turning up every so often x

  3. I got this dress but it cost me £25! Still love it though! x


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