Rad Fatties Go a Swapping

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hey lovelies, yesterday was the Clothes Swapping event in Leeds. This is the 2nd one i've been to and i enjoyed it so much. 

There was reports of snow in the weather forcast so i was a bit concerned i wouldn't make it but the sun was shinning as i left Greenfield.
 Once again i forgot to take an outfit shot but I wore, Leggins, an black long sleeve top and an orange dress from Asda.
  I was lucky when i arrived at Huddersfield as the express to Leeds thats due in the same time as my train was late so i managed to get that. 
 I met Beth at Leeds station and we walked over together. 

It was a fab day and i forgot to take many pictures. the ones i did take are shocking but here they are.

 After the swap some of us popped over to the Birds Yard to see Chloe and i got a brooch and a necklace but more about those in another post. 

17 of us went to Zizzi's for some tea which was a really lovely want to end the day and it was so nice to chat to other people. 

I had my usual train mad panic attack and darted off to get the 7pm train which I missed, i had 40 mins wait at Huddersfeild but to be honest i didn't mind, i got a drink from a kiosk on Platform 1 and 2 chocolate bars. despite having a 3 course meal i was still hungry (ops) 
 I spotted the below jackets on the wall and i love them. I couldn't quite read the plaques below them so if anyone know anything about these can you let me know?!
 I may have had to open my case on the train home to have a route. 
I also rather geekily took a few photo's of my case. 
as you can see it was rather full at Greenfeild. it seemed to enjoy its train trips, even had a window seat on the Leeds train and zipped up on the way home.
I was determined i wasn't brining much back but there were so many fab things, i did pick up far more than i expected. but i love it all and expect a few posts on these items over the next week or two.

I got:
  1. Striped Dress - DP 22
  2. Yellow / Orange - ASOS 20
  3. Black Trousers - ASOS 24
  4. Blazer - DP 20
  5. Red Spotty Skirt - ASDA 20
  6. Black Handbag - ?
  7. Flowery Junper - H&M XXL
  8. Flowery Tunic - Next 20 
  9. Spotty Dress - Tesco 20
  10. Red and multi coloured handbag - H&M
  11. Boots - Evans 
  12. Flowery Scarf - ?
  13. Tights - Yours Size 3
  14. Spotty shoes - Primark
  15. Teal shirt - Primark  16
  16. Flowery top - DP 22
  17. Black Shoes - NL 
  18. Skinny Jeans - NL 24
  19. Belt - DP L
  20. accessories 

 I had a really great day and can't wait to spend more time with them again and i'm sure there will be more events in the future. 

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  1. You got lots of lovely things! A few were mine :) x

    1. which things? i love to know. I know i got a couple of things that Rachel and Beth brought.

      It was a fab day. Thank you for organising it x

  2. My first time at a clothes swap and it was great! I took 3 bags full with the aim of decluttering my wardrobe but came home with 3 bags full too.

    And I agree. The meal was lovely :)

    1. It was such a good day, that was the 2nd one i've been too and can't wait for the next one xx

  3. Absolutely amazing; what a great bunch you are!

    1. You will have to try and come to one, it was such a good day x


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