Seeing Spots

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Friday the snow came and it got to the point where buses, trains and trams got cancelled, snow ploughs were dispatched by the local council, people had to abandon their cars. 
 I made it home before anything got cancelled and leaned out the back door to snap a few shots.
 Look how orange the sky was- full of pesky snow! 
Saturday the snow had stopped and public transport was back to normal. My aim was to get a new phone and mine is knackered. I have my heart set on the Samsung SIII mini but it seems to be v popular and out of stock! 
 I did manage to get my eyebrows waxed, i made the most of the mirror in the treatment room to snap a few photos of myself. 
 I wore Jersey shirt from Next Jeffins Sainsburys brooch from Superdrug its a charity one for childline and the boots were from TK Maxx a few years ago x
My eyebrows still hurt but at least they don't look like they gave a mind of their own now!!!

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  1. You have very pretty eyes. I love the brooch, I want to get one. xx

    Just me Leah

    1. Thanks, they had loads of different ones i got a pink Heart one as wellx


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