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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi Lovelies, 

As you might remember I had a shopping day in Doncaster with some of the fab ladies of twiiter. 

The first stop was simply be and there was a mass purchase of paisley dresses! Now i didn't join in the mass buying, no i already had the dress. 

We thought it would be a fun idea to all do a post of how we wear our dress.

Now you have already seen me wear this dress - well try it on at least  but that wasn't a true picture of how i would wear the dress.

I wore my dress for my first day back at work on 7th January 2013 and a number of people commented on how much they liked the dress.
 I wore the dress with burgundy tights and a mini cardie which is from Asda via my mum's wardrobe. 
 I also more my kidneybean necklace and bracelet.
 I would normally stay away from high necks and the gathered twisted waist normally doesn't sit well on me, Wallis do a lot of dresses like this and they don't fit me well (ok i'm too fat for wallis these days)
  Ops a boob shot!




I thought i'd also treat you to a shoe shot as i can never get a fully full length photo of myself. These little beauties are from Matalan and think were £12.

Go and check out the other ladies who have fab tastes in dresses

Since writing the original post (we'd planned to post earlier in the month) I have worn the dress again, thought I'd share how i wore it for a second time x

 Not sure why it's all bunched up!

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  1. I think i need some coloured tights! Love it with the belt too! X

    1. Thanks hun, i love coloured tights have a few pairs, mostly from Primark x

  2. I was just thinking the exact same Lolly, definitely need some coloured tights..the closest I've got so far is leopard print but I love the block coloured ones. Love this dress, you look great in it! x

    1. Leopard print tights sound amazing, where did you get them from? i love coloured tights i get them mainly from Primark x

  3. The tights really set it off and that belt is perfect. xx

  4. Love the dress on you were are the tights from ? Xx

  5. Love it! Really great in both looks!

  6. Oh I love the burgundy beads and tights!

  7. Sorry for the late comment love the dress and the belt- where did the belt come from as I am trying to find something similar? x

    1. Hi Nikki, Never too late to leave a comment. The belt came from the Leeds clothes swap in January its originally from Dorothy Perkins x

    2. Thanks will keep looking x


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