We haven't had any tea for a week...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Never fear, tea was had today. 

This afternoon Nat had booked us in to Annies in Manchester for afternoon tea before we went making truffles. 
 I adore willow pattern chine and these cups are so cute.
 real tea leaves.
 A perfect brew.
 Tea for three. The only thing i would say is i'm glad Irene doesn't drink tea as we only got just over 5 cups in total, now i'm not sure if its cool to ask for more hot water or another pot, so we moved on to juice for me and Irene and Rosé for Nat.
 The sandwiches were really nice and as Irene is both Pregnant and vegetarian they were very good at making up some different sandwiches as they'd given us mainly ham and beef, 1 cucumber and one smoked salmon.

The beef with horseradish and the ham with wholegrain mustard were my favourite. 

They also brought out an epic looking burger to a near by table, i think we will be going back.

the food is a little dearer than we'd normally go for but I bet its only the same price as Hard rock or TGI's about £13 for a main course.

Next we went and made truffles, i really wasn't sure what to expect to be honest. I have never made them before although i get the general jist of them the course was really interesting. 

The woman leading the course was called Gill and she gave us a brief history of chocolate and then showed us how to make ganache. 

She asked us to work in Groups of 4, so we asked a couple to swap places with us so all three of us could be together.

I poured the 4 the member of our team mixed (I wish i asked her , her name) Nat and Irene put the mix in a pipping bag (this we were told was for Hygiene reasons as you wouldn't do this at home) 

Nat warmed the mix to make it easier to pipe. 
 I do love these photo's of her! 
 Pipping was the funniest and grossest thing i've seen for a while!
  We all took our turn

 I managed to pipe a C shape.

 once this had had a chance to cool slightly we got to roll in to truffle shapes
 My hands are far too hot for this task, Irene had perfect round truffles mine just melted as soon as i touched them!

We got to decorate half of them with icing sugar, coco powder, coconut and nuts
 There was also an option to stay for an extra hour to learn how to temper chocolate which we decided to do.
 And then decorate our truffles with the tempered chocolate. I shall we say got a bit giddy.
 Everyone else was so need in comparison.
 We then got to decorate some delicate white chocolate lines over the top.
 Irene's were so beautifully decorated.
 Nat equally as pretty.

 Mine however were a disaster, i managed to cover myself if white chocolate and i can not pipe to save my life. plus i'd kind of given up my this point!
 I did break up all my excess chocolate i'd decorated my table with and bag it up.
 I will try making truffles again but i will had a bowl of ice water on standby as my hands are far too warm  and couldn't roll more than one before i was left in  a gooey sticky chocolatey mess!

Have you been on any courses? have you got any to recommend? 

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  1. Oh dear, this is making me hungry! Mmm, everything looks so delicious. xx

    1. It was such a lovely day, the food was amazing x


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