Fat Girl Wears Stripes

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday without thinking I managed to break many of the "rules" of dressing not just for fat (I keep typing FAB - Freudian slip or what) but for everyone.

I wore Jeggins with a short top, now this might not be a published rule in the handbook of  life but I have this big thing about people who wear leggins and short tops. I think Leggins and Jeggins should be treated in a similar way to wearing tights (ie wear a top with them that covers your fue)

I'm excusing myself as my Jeggins are too big for me and are more like normal jeans.

Jeggins £12 Sainsburys, Top Enquentro 7 Euros, Coat Tesco, Handbag, £10/15 Fatface, Shoes Converse 
As you can see i was bored at sainsburys and took a few snaps of my feet

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  1. I'm always disappointed because I don't wear stripes, and then I realise that I don't own many striped things. Though I might have to rectify that. Hmm...

    1. I love stripes, i've never held the old they make you look bigger. I don't think they do and so what! :0) Go buy stripes!!


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