Fa(t)shionologie #3 - Floral

Friday, February 15, 2013

Evening Lovelies, 

It's that time of the month again when myself and 8 other bloggers show you our look of the Month. 

Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style 'theme' can be be rocked by a variety of different body shapes!


What to choose? While I don't consider myself a particularly floral kinda girl, open my wardrobe and you will be smacked in the face by interflora. 

As I am trying to do frugal feb, I have spent a fortune but none of it on clothes so thats ok then?!
I will be wardrobe shopping.

I had planned to wear the  Excite dress i won in their Advent Calendar competition 

This dress isn't the one I wanted, I wanted the Swan print dress but it was out of stock in all sizes, I went with this dress as I was over excited and assumed it was the same but in a different print, I could have cried when I opened the parcel, its so short. Truth be told I haven't worn this outside the house yet, I took some pictures of me in this dress but I decided against it. 

I have gone with my favourite Encuentro dress. I got this from Lanzarotte a couple of years ago and I love it.

Its a thick jersey with vibrant red flowers. 

Excuse the photo's i can't find my camera charger so I'm using my phone.

All the mirror at work are tinted, i can only assume it's to stop us all posing all day long,
Dress Size L under 15 Euro's
Tights - primark
Wedges - Peacocks under £10

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  1. I love this dress on you, it doesnt look short you should wear it outside! Your hair looks really pretty too! xx

  2. Almost didn't recognise you with the different hair I haven't got used to you not having long hair yet xx


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