February in Review

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Morning Lovelies,

Can you believe March starts tomorrow, where is this year going!

In theory February should have been a quite month, I signed up to do Thrifty February however I haven't saved any money and despite only buying 1 item of clothing, I have bought other items that i wouldn't normally have done.

1st February I went out for Cocktails with Work

 2nd February I had a bit of a rant about some of the comments on the Simply Be FB page re the below dress 

 4th February I shared my new Hair Colour

 9th February I reviewed a Cardigan

 10th February  - I started a new feature. Seeing Spots in.... 
 I also had my hair cut

 12th February i started a give away, it runs out at midnight tonight
13th February you got to see my new Business Cards
14th It was V'day

 15th February saw another Fatshionology post this month it was Floral
17th February saw the 2nd Instalment of Seeing Spots in.....

23rd February Saw me wearing stipes

24th February - more Seeing Spots....

27th February - brought a new challenge. 

The lovely Gain from GailyGrumdrops also featured me and my short hair on her blog today. 

I also posted about the dress i bought from Dotty P's

28th February the last day of the month saw me book train tickets to Barnsley to go swimming with some love Rad Fatties and organised by the lovely Rebecca and i'm staying over with the lovely Lisa 

The other thing that i did was help support another lovely lady, if you have taken part in my giveaway, you will know it was for a Voucher for Life's Big Canvas owned by Pesky Chloe. She has an amazing shop and i've had a delivery from her that i will show you in another post.

Back to the point Stephanie. Chloe is looking to start production on her own jewellery range and has a site asking for people to make donations and depending on your donation you will get something lovely in return. 

All in all it's been a pretty busy month, I'm looking forward to next month, this year might be going fast but it's going to be a good year.

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