Instagram Update

Monday, February 18, 2013

I finally have a new phone. it has a much better camera than the blueberry and has instagram. 

Since i've got it i've gone instagram crazy. 

I thought i'd share a selection of the photos i've been taking. 

i've loaded these using the blogger app on my phone then using the net book to add comments between them so these are in abit of a random order. 

First up me taken by la mama, just before i went and had my hair cut. Bye bye long hair.
Look at some of the hair i had cut off
It snowed 13/02/13
I was bored in Newlook and took some pics of myself next to a skinny sign by accident

I bought new bedding from Wilkos

I'm running a give away to win a £10 voucher for Life's Big Canvas Enter Here This is a brooch i got when i visited the shop
I'm hoping to meet some other bloggers for tea and cake one saturday in mancher. if anyone is free Tweet me @seeingspots_
I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect snogging. I don't care that i will be 32 in 12 weeks time i love this film.
I'm obsessed with wearing this paisley dress, i have worn it at least twice a week since i bought it.
Spots are taking over my life. i bought a spotty phone cover.It was described as pink but i reckon its purple

The bus company rubbing it in. i was on a packed bus stood up staring at this sign.
New Hair

I got sent an item to review - the spotty cardie. I <3 it

Awww the hair and the dress again
I dyed my hair as well

So a slightly random and mismatched post, with pictures i'm sure you have all seen before. 


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  1. Love your new hair, and the spotty card!

    1. Thanks, i'm still getting used to the hair and i adore the cardie x

  2. Love your new hair, and the spotty card!


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