#OMCZ Challenge #1 - Blazing Red

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Rachel aka HappynessMagnet  Asked twitter if anyone would be interested in a new challenge, helping us to get out of our comfort zone. 

The challenges will take place fortnightly x

Challenge #1: February 27, 2013
Blazing Red - Blazer and Red as the colour to add in the *POP*.  Does not have to be a red blazer, just a blazer with the emphasis colour of red incorporated with the blazer somehow.I think this is a good week to try black nail polish!!!

Being honest i struggled with this challenge, firstly i'm on a spending ban so i couldn't buy anything new. secondly i opened my wardrobe and I don't appear to own anything in a true red. 

The photo's for this post are split over two wears, as I decided to wear the outfit on Sunday to go to M&S but didn't get round to wearing my balzer as it is so badly creased i'm not entirely sure I will ever get the creases out! 

I've gone for a Berry red as my POP of colour. I love colour and but really think I have over done the matchy matchy for this post.

Boots £3.00 Primark
Tights - from the drawer (who knows where they are from)
Skirt £5 Asda
Vest £3 Peacocks
Top Tescos (Old)
Scarf - Encuentro (mums)
Bag Fat Face
Cardie - Asda (mums - i found it in my wardrobe)
Coat Tesco (over arm)

Back to today, I decided to wear the same outfit for work.
 I wasn't quite quick enough turning round!
 The Balzer is from Yours Clothing last year

There are 8 of us taking place in this challenge, i am really excited to she what we all come up with.

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  1. Gorgeous, love the skirt and the boots especially! x

  2. That blouse is lovely and dark red REALLY suits you! x

  3. The blouse is something from other world!! X

  4. I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Your scarf worked out so well! You are beautiful! :)

  5. I love that berry colour and the spotty blouse is awesome.... were the boots really only £3.00 what an absolute bargain!!! xx

  6. Great outfit! I love that you went with the berry color - it totally falls under the "red" umbrella. I also love the matchy element, grounded with black. Looks fab!


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