Barnsley Swimming Day out

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good Morning :Lovelies, 

Last Saturday I went on an epic adventure to Barnsley, to meet up with some of the ladies of twitter and go swimming. I had planned to stay at Lisa's house but as we finished the meal quite early I decided to go home the same day. 

My day started with a picture you will have seen lots of times this year from me. Greenfield Station.

I decided to take the shorter train journey which meant two changes, Huddersfield and Wakefield Kirkgate.

I am such a bad train traveller, I always fear the worst, I panic about the what's and why's and might be's. I panic I will miss my train, that Iwill be stranded somewhere I don't know. 

I've been to Huddersfield Station a few times this year so going there doesn't worry me, also the first time I came home via there this year the train was cancelled and the station staff were amazing so I know if i can get to Huddersfield I can get home (plus there are buses to Oldham from there and only 30 mins in a car so Papa could come and get me at the last resort) 
Rebs and her Hubby picked me and Lisa up from the station and we went to the baths. 

I have been looking forward to going for ages.

We went to Barnsley Metrodome 

Like the tourist I am I googled what to expect and there were very mixed reviews. I think you always get that as people only tend to remember to review if they've had a really bad time or an amazing time. 

I knew there would be watersides (I would avoid) there would be waves, there would be a chill out zone.

I gathered from the Map there would be a pirate theme, I didn't expect staff to be dressed as Jack Sparrow!

We decided to go for the 3 hour option which was just under £9. In we went. The changing rooms where very warm but there are plenty of changing rooms and lockers. You need £1 coin deposit for the locker but this is refunded when you unlock the locker. 

In we went and it really does look like the pictures. There is a small paddling pool right next to the changing rooms and them the main "fun" pool starts. the water was really warm but soon cools down as you get to the wave pool. 

We only got two goes in the wave pool as due to staff shortages they couldn't put them on again, which was a real shame and I felt a bit sorry for the life guards. 

There is also a shallow cove area which leads round to the lane pool. 

Me, Lisa and Rebs decided to go down the Splashathon (pictured above). We decided to hold hands as we went down. 

This was so much fun but I got a massive headache as soon as i'd gone down. I think it might have been the volume of water I inhaled. 

Mel also came and met us in the Pool. 

Once we'd exhausted the pool we made our way to Frankie and Bennys 

We had arrived an hour earlier than the table was booked for so decided to have some cocktails while we waited. Long Island Ice Tea followed by...
Strawberry Daiquiris
Rebs kindly took a photo of me and my cocktail. I always forget to ask people to take photos of me. 

We got our 5 a day in cocktails alone!

The food: I've only eaten at Frankie and Bennys a couple of times before and not had brilliant experiences, but this one has changed my mind and I will try them again.
I ordered dough balls while we waited for Rachel and her Mr to arrive. I didn't get a photo I was starving I dived in!

I have a habit of always looking at menu before hand, I always get over whelmed. It's also a habit drummed into me by slimming clubs. This time I went for what sounded the best not the lowest in cals!!!

Chicken Club Sandwich - IT WAS AMAZING!!! 

I was too full really but Banoffee Waffles with Toffee Ice Cream drew me in. TBH it was a bit disappointing. It had been over microwaved (I'm Assumming) I couldn't get the spoon through the waffle but I used my hands (Ops no table manners for Stephanie!) 

I had a bit of time to kill at the station so I wasted my battery taking random photos of the station!
I did feel a bit bad not staying over but was glad I came home, it started to snow and was getting worse, Luckily it eased off at Huddersfield and I made it home about 10.20pm

It would have been sooner but some dude stole my pre-booked taxi!!!1

I had an amazing day and was glad I was invited.

Thank you Rebs for organising it xxxx

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