We have a winner!!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Birthday Giveaway is over and it is a week to go to my Birthday! 

Nikki won! I'm so please it was someone I speak to on Twitter a lot and I feel bad you all couldn't win!

I'm going to start thinking of my Blog Birthday Giveaway in the next few week. (I don't know which date to use for this - will put my thinking cap on!)

Charity shop challenge

Charity Shop Challenge

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

At the beginning of April Sarah asked if anyone fancied taking part in a charity shop challenge. 

I really love charity shop shopping. My usual aim is to find books as I read a lot, but sometimes there are amazing clothing finds to be had. 

The budget was set at £15 for a complete or as complete as you can get outfit.

I was determined I wanted to find a dress. I love dresses, alas a dress was not to be.  

The outfit is from a a number of different charity shops, with the exception of the belt, leggins and  shoes. 

 First the Non charity shop Items Leggins Next (Ancient)
Shoes (Not seen) Primark Ballett pumps £4
Belt NL came free with a navy skater dress.

Charity shop items:
Skirt £2.99 Age Uk Skipton (Originally Primark £8 - New with Tags)

Brooch £3 - Birdcage Skipton

Cat Scarf worn as headband £1.

Stripy Body £2.99 RSPCA Uppermill

 Cardie I got back in March from A charity shop in Denton £4.99 (I think) (Originally from Matalan New with tags)

I wore this outfit last sunday for a trip to Tesco then trip round my local town centre.

I'm going to wear this outfit again tomorrow for a meal out / Hen do meeting with the girlies. I'm going to substitute the headscarf for the black bag in the picture about with was also £1.

I'm pretty happy with this outfit and can't wait to see what everyone else managed to get for £15

Artful readers club

The Artful Readers Club #4

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

It's that time of the month again. I'm loving the ARC challenge set up by Darcy. I read a lot i'm averaging 3 books a month at the moment which isn't as much as normal.

This months book isn't one from my list, it is however a book i've been wanting to read for quite some time.

Playing with Grown Ups by Sophie Dhal. I heard about this book a while a go and really wanted to read it. When I spotted it in a charity shop a few weeks ago I didn't hesitate to buy it.

Sadly I hated this book, from page 1 onwards. 

It is a very short book and I found it quite jumpy, it seemed to speed through time and jump from who was speaking and what was going on.

The jist is a young girl with a bohemian artist mother shares her journey from childhood to 15 years old.

It starts with her as an adult, leaving her husband to visit her mother.

It then flashing back to her childhood in a sleepy village, to boarding school, an absent father, life in a commune in America with a Guru. Sex drugs and rock and roll back in 80's London and a Nanny and twin siblings. 

It followers her as she follows her mothers whims and as they are or seem to be wealthy they can live the life style that is unobtainable and possibly not necessarily want to live.   

There were a lot of supporting character who I would have liked to know more about. The Grandparents who were from Scandinavia, Aunts who went to live in France. The Husband who was left behind, her younger siblings. Even her life after the age of 15. 

I'm sad to say I was very disappointed in this book and would only give it 1 out of 5. 

I haven't been inspired to create any art as yet for this book. 

Have you read this book? Do you share my opinion or have I got the complete wrong end of the stick?

My Birthday Giveaway is still open!! Click on the Giveaway on the top tab

The below picture is what I did originally in the art pad i've been doing all my ARC stuff in. 

However after I did the above picture I have misplaced the pad and I can't for the life of me find it. No doubt it will turn up. 

I got a new pad and I am hoping to find the time to redo Jan - Mar pictures in here as its a much smaller and neater size for me. 

as you can see I went for a similar theme on both writing words that relate to the book as the back ground. On the second book i found some stencils which I used to add an extra layer to.

I prefer the 2nd one



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

It's time for the 5th Instalment of Outside my Comfort Zone - a blogger challenge devised by Rachel  

The fifth challenge is Mixed Pastels - Any piece, accessory, shoe, bag, nail polish etc., coordinate some pastels, at least 2 colour pastels (pale light colours)

Pastels other than in Vest tops are not something I really choose to wear. There are so many pastel shades I adore, Mint, Pink, Lilac. 

I looked in my wardrobe and spotted the skirt I wanted to wear for the second OMCZ Challenge Sadly the weather was just too cold for it. 

The skirt is paler in real life, It has a nice mixture of pastel colours, Yellow, Mint, Pink, Lilac. Along with some brighter orange. It also has pockets and was half price in Primark at the end of last summer. 

I wore it with a Mint green Primark Sleep vest and my black top from Matalan.

I chose this skirt as spring had sprung Monday and Tuesday of last week, by the time i'd got dressed last Wednesday the sky had turned grey so I decided to wear tights. I decided to go out of my comfort zone and wear bright purple tights with pastels.

I'm not sure it's a combination I will wear again, but I think I will be wearing the skirt a few more times as soon as we get some nice weather 


Feeling RAD

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

I've seen this T-Shirt worn by a couple of people and I decided I needed one. 

It's from Primark and I've been thinking about it for a few days. I had decided I was going to get it on Thursday next week when I get paid. 

This morning I decided to nip into primark on my way to work to get one.

Cardie - Curvissa
Top- Primark
Jeans - NL Inspire

I was a bit disappointed to find it only comes in S/ M / L but I decided to look on the positive side that the L sticker was a dark purple colour which to me means a Primark 18s. 

I went straight to the loo's at work to try it on and it went on easily, It's long enough and has a bit of room in it.

I decided to keep it on and even remembered to rip the price label off it!


#FlashMobFashion The Beauty Stations

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Yesterday I shared the Fashion show pictures from #FlashMobFashion today, I'm going to show some photo's I took from the beauty stations. 

Most of these photo's were taken on my phone and with Instagram so they aren't brilliant 

I started with a hand massage by a lovely lady from Hotel Chocolat. Did you know they did beauty products? I didn't until about a week ago. 

The lady that did the massage was really knowledgeable about the range and told me all about the range. 

She explained how what she was using and how to use it in everyday life. The body oil can be used before and after the shower. It can also be mixed into the body scrub and body butter, which are quite thick and a little goes a long way. 

The full range looks, smells and feels amazing, it is totally out of my price range but for a special treat or a present for a loved one it would be a really lovely gift. 

The range is called Cocoa Juvenate I'm really hoping my birthday money will stretch to buying the hand cream. 

My hands feel really nice 4 days later.

My next stop was the bodyshop stand for a mini makeover. 

they removed my makeup except for my eyemake up and applied foundation and powder. The makeup felt really nice and natural and light. Sadly I rushed off from them to watch another Flash Mob. I feel a it bad about that as I don't remember saying thank you.

Bumble and Bumble from boots also had a stand and were curling hair and straightening it. 

I'd left my hair to dry naturally so it was a bit wild. They straightened it  and applied grooming creme and wax. It looked 100 times better than it did before. 

They also gave me a sheet with which products they'd used so I didn't have to remember and they advised me on other products they have and recommended a dry shampoo from their sister range Ojon, that isn't talc based and I'm considering getting the travel sized one to try. 

After the hair and makeup

Lush oh how I love Lush. A lot of the bath products don't agree with my skin but the makeup could open a whole new avenue for me (my face isn't sensitive as a rule) 

They had a game for everyone to play. The Emotional Brilliance Wheel. 

The idea is you close your eyes, imagine a white space and spin the wheel.

The you pick the first three colours you are drawn to

I came out as the below (I very sadly recreated it online to see the results)

1. Your Strength or Weakness

The colours I picked are really lovely. I also received a bottle of calm in my goodie bag. 

The Fragrance shop also had a stand and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. Perfume is not something I have a lot of I rarely get it as a gift and if I get any I usually buy it myself. I also forget to wear it. 

I picked up a couple of the samples and I've been using one this week and on payday it might become my payday treat to myself. Lets call it an early birthday present. 

Number 7 also had a station but I didn't get a chance to speak to them. 

One thing I noticed from all of the people I spoke to on a the beauty stations was how receptive they were to bloggers. Blogging is something I keep between me, myself, twitter and anyone who reads. I don't actively tell my friends I'm a blogger. 

They all seemed interested and asked questions. I also openly said I was as plus size fashion blogger. This is something I find hard to say. Cos i'm just a fat girl blogging her clothes!!

I had a really nice time and really wish I could have gone back on the Sunday. 

I hope they do this kind of event again. It was really nice to see the shops engaging with customers outside of the shops. 

They are a credit to the Arndale. 


OOTD Wednesday

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Last Wednesday I wore my scotty dog dress from New Look

I also wore my brown cardie from Simply Be, Necklace from DP and my Brooch that I was sent from Sarah who owns Pookledo.

52 Facts

52 Things about me #6

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#6. Crisp butties rock my world, I would live off bread and crisps if I could get away with it. 


Fa(t)shionologie - A Day At The Races

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

It's time for another installment of Fa(t)shionologie

Fatshionologie is a blogger style challenge born out of a discussion on twitter in the hopes that it would help us create exciting new content for our blogs as well as show that each new style 'theme' can be be rocked by a variety of different body shapes! 

"A Day at the Races"

This month we decided to go with a topical theme as it was the Grand National last weekend. 

I loved this theme, I've never been to the races and I needed my outfit to be work appropriate.

I'll admit to googling race and google images seemed to be full of the tango face of the races. That look really isn't me so i delved into the depths of my wardrobe and found one of my favourite dresses from last year.

The photo really doesn't do the colours justice. Please excuse the hair (it's post work) 

The dress is from Peacocks  and was around £9 in the sale, as it is still blooming freezing I wore it with my new Cardigan from Tesco £7 in the sale and to keep it all in place the belt you have been a million times before from the Leeds Clothes swap in January.

It is traditional to wear a hat but sadly hat's tend to be frowned upon as office wear (and to be honest it is only bennie hat weather) I decided to wear my new brooch, its almost a rossett so maybe I won the National?!?!!? 

The brooch is stunning and came from Sarah who runs Pookledo she gifted the brooch to me and I love it. I met Sarah at the clothes swap in Leeds and sat next to her at the meal. she very kindly offered me an Item out of her Etsy shop. I loved this brooch from the moment I saw it. I feel very grateful to have met some lovely people through blogging and If you like it please check out her other items.


Sunday Symmetry

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Last week I purchased my long lusted after spotty skirt from Yours Clothing. Becky sent me a message on Twitter to say she had the same skirt and we should do a post together. Rebs also said she and Lisa have the same skirt so we have decided to show you how we have all styled it.

I wore my skirt for work on Tuesday. I do think it is far too nice for work and deserves at least a trip to a nice restaurant.

I decided I needed to keep it simple for work and I teamed it with a plain purple t-shirt from Tesco and a black cardie from Asda (via La Mama) 

My Necklace is from Dorothy Perkins and my Brooch was made by my friend Irene (there is one to be won in my Giveaway - I had to buy one for myself as well!)

In work I also wore black tights and my black belt for the clothes swap in January 

I can't wait to see how the others wore this skirt.


Do you have it? If so please share with me how you styled it 


#FLASHMOBFASHION Manchester Arndale

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Today I went to Manchester Arndale for the Flashmob Fashion event. 

The event is a 3 day event which started yesterday, so if  you are in Manchester tomorrow pop along to the Arndale and check the fashion shows and the hair and makeup stations. 

I took more photo's on my phone and will do another post on the beauty stations later in the week. 

This is going to be a Photo heavy post and I have cut out a lot of photo's!

The flashmobs consisted of 8 dancers  showcasing different stores clothing. I didn't see all the shows but the ones I did see where amazing.

The dance routine and Next clothes were amazing. I have quite a lot of clothes from Next and they have some lovely clothes and I really like the colours of these clothes.

There were about 8 bloggers who all met around 11 am and we watched the Next show together.

We went to Starbucks to get a drink and be briefed by Debs who talked to us about what they had organised and gave us some information about the stores who did fashion shows yesterday and who was showing today and told us about the style stations in Halle Square. (Amazing) She also told us about the Personal Shopping service that is available at Arndale and she is the Personal Shopping. (details available on the Arndales website) I didn't know this was on offer at the Arndale and I'm not sure if it is a service I'd use personally but it's nice to know it is available.

We then went to watch the Oasis Show on one of the Link Bridges. I love the coral and the Stripy dress in the picture below is amazing. I really want one like this in my size.

The dancers were amazing. Sadly the Boys didn't get to dress up in this show as they don't have a male clothing range.

The next stop was the Simply Be Style Station. They didn't have a fashion show but they had 2 rails of their clothes and a few members of staff talking to shoppers.

Alison and Steph from the store talked to us about the brand, which was really good as apart from myself, Toni and Becky the other bloggers were outside the simply be demographic.

We then went into the store and had a look round. I found it interesting going round with the bloggers who had never been in the store and on mentioned she was going to bring one of her friends in. It wasn't somewhere she had ever been in before and it was good to see people being really positive about a plus size store.

There are some amazing things in at the moment. I need to save up and go and but half the shop.

I couldn't help but be drawn to the spotty bikini

I saw the below dress in the Bury store a couple of weeks and didn't like it but it has really grown on me and not just because its reduced.

Another Item that I fell in love with was the orange and black top. I think this would look good with skinny jeans on a night out.

I also love the jewelry

If I could only have one thing it would be this dress and I'm kind of sorry I didn't take advantage of the 20% off happy hour and buy it. I like it so much it hurts that it's not mine (ok that might be a bit melodramatic but it's true)

We also go a little goodie bag from simply be, I've not had a proper look in it yet but will let you know what I got.

We went over to Halle Square to try out the beauty stations. All the girls over there were lovely and really receptive to the bloggers. 

It's not secret that I haven't really announced to real life people I blog and I always feel a bit nervous saying I'm a blogger as I've not been doing PS Blogging for very long and it's a hobby for me and not something I could ever do full time.

While we were in Halle Sq there was another flashmob this time showing American Apparel. 

 This is another shop I wish I could shop in. I love the mint green and the soft denim blue together.

 I think my favourite outfit is the White skirt, green top and denim shirt.

Next up was the Topshop show

I Love Love Love the blue dress, I really wish Topshop did bigger sizes. I have even been on Topshop's website to see what size it goes up to. (It's a 16) 

I also loved the Pool side scene skirt

See I love the dress so much I zoomed in on it.

More than once.

 After each fashion show 25 lucky audience members got given an envelope. 

Each envelope had a number  and if you got one you had to got into the store and if your number had been drawn you won a £50 gift voucher.

I was lucky enough to get one during the Topshop show. Sadly I didn't win but what a fab thing for those who won. Most stores also offered a 20% off happy hour after their clothes had been show cased.

Which I think was really good, you might not have won a voucher but you still got a saving.

The final show we watched was TK Maxx

I really liked the guy's red shorts. They looked really smart.

I also really like the green jacket.

After the TK Maxx show we decided to call it a day and went to The Body Shop and Lush.

I'm not quite sure what the Dry Ice is all about in Lush but it looked interesting. I might have to pop back in and ask.

Lush always look so pretty and nicely set out

So so pretty

Bath Bombs and me don't mix well but it doesn't stop me lusting after them.

I had an amazing day and I'd like to say thank you to the Arndale centre, Debs and Leanne for the invite and  putting on a fab event.

I really hope they do more of these in the future, even if you're not invited as a blogger to go it is still worth going as everything is available for everyone.

Let me me know if you went and what you thought of the day.

Also if you know where I can get a dress like the blue Topshop one in my size let me know and I will love you forever.