Charity Shop Challenge

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

At the beginning of April Sarah asked if anyone fancied taking part in a charity shop challenge. 

I really love charity shop shopping. My usual aim is to find books as I read a lot, but sometimes there are amazing clothing finds to be had. 

The budget was set at £15 for a complete or as complete as you can get outfit.

I was determined I wanted to find a dress. I love dresses, alas a dress was not to be.  

The outfit is from a a number of different charity shops, with the exception of the belt, leggins and  shoes. 

 First the Non charity shop Items Leggins Next (Ancient)
Shoes (Not seen) Primark Ballett pumps £4
Belt NL came free with a navy skater dress.

Charity shop items:
Skirt £2.99 Age Uk Skipton (Originally Primark £8 - New with Tags)

Brooch £3 - Birdcage Skipton

Cat Scarf worn as headband £1.

Stripy Body £2.99 RSPCA Uppermill

 Cardie I got back in March from A charity shop in Denton £4.99 (I think) (Originally from Matalan New with tags)

I wore this outfit last sunday for a trip to Tesco then trip round my local town centre.

I'm going to wear this outfit again tomorrow for a meal out / Hen do meeting with the girlies. I'm going to substitute the headscarf for the black bag in the picture about with was also £1.

I'm pretty happy with this outfit and can't wait to see what everyone else managed to get for £15

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  1. Check out my finds for this challenge!

    Beka x

  2. I don't have these kind of shops around here but there's a good example that you may dress great with not a lot of money!!
    You look super hun!


    Mary ;)*

  3. love what you found love the leopard print and the broach :-) xxx


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