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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hello Lovelies,

I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took last weekend. 

I really need to own a full length mirror. Quick mirror shot before we left the house.

 I only realised after we set off that it was grand national day! The top wasn't a nod to it! 

We were heading to the Caravan in Skipton, you may remember I was going before Easter and we sadly didn't make it due to the bloody snow.

 This is the view stood on the top step of the caravan

 The view up the lane

This is why we couldn't get there
Quite glad we didn't make it we would have been freezing!

After we'd unpack my dad dropped us off in the centre of Skipton while he went back to fix some bits and bobs

First stop Costa. I have a slight addiction to Mocha Cortados. 

 I left my mum to have a wander around and take some photo's and do some shopping for the Charity shop challenge i'm going to be taking part in soon.
This is a vintage / charity shop. Sadly they had no plus size clothes but I did get a couple of bits and pieces. 
 Next stop was the Russian Tea Room Shop I have been to the Cafe here in the past and it was so lovely. 

I have a slight Russian Doll obsession but as I work for a Russian Company I try and tone it down so people don't think i'm odd.

 They had tea to try. I didn't try this but the smell was amazing.
 A view from the top of the main street
 The famous Market
 The butterflies in the bottoms of the picture did look really realistic on first glance. 

Skipton has a wide variety of charity shops. This is the shop I bought a leopard print skirt from 

 I popped into Craven Court to look for Sweet Treats and the owls were in.
 They are such beautiful creatures.
 I put some change in the bucket and the lady made the owl pose for me
 Errr this wasn't planned but looks at those wings
 Owl on a lead! epic, this one is the same colour as my cat, but I couldn't get Miss KK on a lead
One of my other favourite shops in Craven court is Emma's Apothecary 
 It is a treasure trove or bath, body, stationary, homeware and much more. 
 I met up with my mum and we nipped into the Black Horse for a DC and it was so warm I had to ditch the coat and cardie! 
The final photo is the award winning pork pie shop 
I'm hoping to go back to Skipton soon

Have you been to Skipton?

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  1. I love Skipton. I used to go there a lot as a child for fish and chips and a look around the market. We even had a painting of Skipton Castle on our living room wall for many years! x

    1. I love Skipton. I love that you had a picture of Skipton Castle x

  2. Great photos! Your new camera seems very good. x

    1. Thanks I love the new camera. I need to learn how to use the settings rather than Auto x


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