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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello Lovelies, 

Yesterday I shared the Fashion show pictures from #FlashMobFashion today, I'm going to show some photo's I took from the beauty stations. 

Most of these photo's were taken on my phone and with Instagram so they aren't brilliant 

I started with a hand massage by a lovely lady from Hotel Chocolat. Did you know they did beauty products? I didn't until about a week ago. 

The lady that did the massage was really knowledgeable about the range and told me all about the range. 

She explained how what she was using and how to use it in everyday life. The body oil can be used before and after the shower. It can also be mixed into the body scrub and body butter, which are quite thick and a little goes a long way. 

The full range looks, smells and feels amazing, it is totally out of my price range but for a special treat or a present for a loved one it would be a really lovely gift. 

The range is called Cocoa Juvenate I'm really hoping my birthday money will stretch to buying the hand cream. 

My hands feel really nice 4 days later.

My next stop was the bodyshop stand for a mini makeover. 

they removed my makeup except for my eyemake up and applied foundation and powder. The makeup felt really nice and natural and light. Sadly I rushed off from them to watch another Flash Mob. I feel a it bad about that as I don't remember saying thank you.

Bumble and Bumble from boots also had a stand and were curling hair and straightening it. 

I'd left my hair to dry naturally so it was a bit wild. They straightened it  and applied grooming creme and wax. It looked 100 times better than it did before. 

They also gave me a sheet with which products they'd used so I didn't have to remember and they advised me on other products they have and recommended a dry shampoo from their sister range Ojon, that isn't talc based and I'm considering getting the travel sized one to try. 

After the hair and makeup

Lush oh how I love Lush. A lot of the bath products don't agree with my skin but the makeup could open a whole new avenue for me (my face isn't sensitive as a rule) 

They had a game for everyone to play. The Emotional Brilliance Wheel. 

The idea is you close your eyes, imagine a white space and spin the wheel.

The you pick the first three colours you are drawn to

I came out as the below (I very sadly recreated it online to see the results)

1. Your Strength or Weakness

The colours I picked are really lovely. I also received a bottle of calm in my goodie bag. 

The Fragrance shop also had a stand and the staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. Perfume is not something I have a lot of I rarely get it as a gift and if I get any I usually buy it myself. I also forget to wear it. 

I picked up a couple of the samples and I've been using one this week and on payday it might become my payday treat to myself. Lets call it an early birthday present. 

Number 7 also had a station but I didn't get a chance to speak to them. 

One thing I noticed from all of the people I spoke to on a the beauty stations was how receptive they were to bloggers. Blogging is something I keep between me, myself, twitter and anyone who reads. I don't actively tell my friends I'm a blogger. 

They all seemed interested and asked questions. I also openly said I was as plus size fashion blogger. This is something I find hard to say. Cos i'm just a fat girl blogging her clothes!!

I had a really nice time and really wish I could have gone back on the Sunday. 

I hope they do this kind of event again. It was really nice to see the shops engaging with customers outside of the shops. 

They are a credit to the Arndale. 

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