#FLASHMOBFASHION Manchester Arndale

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey Lovelies, 

Today I went to Manchester Arndale for the Flashmob Fashion event. 

The event is a 3 day event which started yesterday, so if  you are in Manchester tomorrow pop along to the Arndale and check the fashion shows and the hair and makeup stations. 

I took more photo's on my phone and will do another post on the beauty stations later in the week. 

This is going to be a Photo heavy post and I have cut out a lot of photo's!

The flashmobs consisted of 8 dancers  showcasing different stores clothing. I didn't see all the shows but the ones I did see where amazing.

The dance routine and Next clothes were amazing. I have quite a lot of clothes from Next and they have some lovely clothes and I really like the colours of these clothes.

There were about 8 bloggers who all met around 11 am and we watched the Next show together.

We went to Starbucks to get a drink and be briefed by Debs who talked to us about what they had organised and gave us some information about the stores who did fashion shows yesterday and who was showing today and told us about the style stations in Halle Square. (Amazing) She also told us about the Personal Shopping service that is available at Arndale and she is the Personal Shopping. (details available on the Arndales website) I didn't know this was on offer at the Arndale and I'm not sure if it is a service I'd use personally but it's nice to know it is available.

We then went to watch the Oasis Show on one of the Link Bridges. I love the coral and the Stripy dress in the picture below is amazing. I really want one like this in my size.

The dancers were amazing. Sadly the Boys didn't get to dress up in this show as they don't have a male clothing range.

The next stop was the Simply Be Style Station. They didn't have a fashion show but they had 2 rails of their clothes and a few members of staff talking to shoppers.

Alison and Steph from the store talked to us about the brand, which was really good as apart from myself, Toni and Becky the other bloggers were outside the simply be demographic.

We then went into the store and had a look round. I found it interesting going round with the bloggers who had never been in the store and on mentioned she was going to bring one of her friends in. It wasn't somewhere she had ever been in before and it was good to see people being really positive about a plus size store.

There are some amazing things in at the moment. I need to save up and go and but half the shop.

I couldn't help but be drawn to the spotty bikini

I saw the below dress in the Bury store a couple of weeks and didn't like it but it has really grown on me and not just because its reduced.

Another Item that I fell in love with was the orange and black top. I think this would look good with skinny jeans on a night out.

I also love the jewelry

If I could only have one thing it would be this dress and I'm kind of sorry I didn't take advantage of the 20% off happy hour and buy it. I like it so much it hurts that it's not mine (ok that might be a bit melodramatic but it's true)

We also go a little goodie bag from simply be, I've not had a proper look in it yet but will let you know what I got.

We went over to Halle Square to try out the beauty stations. All the girls over there were lovely and really receptive to the bloggers. 

It's not secret that I haven't really announced to real life people I blog and I always feel a bit nervous saying I'm a blogger as I've not been doing PS Blogging for very long and it's a hobby for me and not something I could ever do full time.

While we were in Halle Sq there was another flashmob this time showing American Apparel. 

 This is another shop I wish I could shop in. I love the mint green and the soft denim blue together.

 I think my favourite outfit is the White skirt, green top and denim shirt.

Next up was the Topshop show

I Love Love Love the blue dress, I really wish Topshop did bigger sizes. I have even been on Topshop's website to see what size it goes up to. (It's a 16) 

I also loved the Pool side scene skirt

See I love the dress so much I zoomed in on it.

More than once.

 After each fashion show 25 lucky audience members got given an envelope. 

Each envelope had a number  and if you got one you had to got into the store and if your number had been drawn you won a £50 gift voucher.

I was lucky enough to get one during the Topshop show. Sadly I didn't win but what a fab thing for those who won. Most stores also offered a 20% off happy hour after their clothes had been show cased.

Which I think was really good, you might not have won a voucher but you still got a saving.

The final show we watched was TK Maxx

I really liked the guy's red shorts. They looked really smart.

I also really like the green jacket.

After the TK Maxx show we decided to call it a day and went to The Body Shop and Lush.

I'm not quite sure what the Dry Ice is all about in Lush but it looked interesting. I might have to pop back in and ask.

Lush always look so pretty and nicely set out

So so pretty

Bath Bombs and me don't mix well but it doesn't stop me lusting after them.

I had an amazing day and I'd like to say thank you to the Arndale centre, Debs and Leanne for the invite and  putting on a fab event.

I really hope they do more of these in the future, even if you're not invited as a blogger to go it is still worth going as everything is available for everyone.

Let me me know if you went and what you thought of the day.

Also if you know where I can get a dress like the blue Topshop one in my size let me know and I will love you forever.

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  1. The Simply Be dress, the reduced one, it GORGEOUS! Looks like a great event and someone's wearing a Pac Man print on one of those Lush pics! xx

  2. It was a fab event. A really good day out. For everyone. It wasn't just for bloggers all the shoppers were included.

    I can't decide if I like the reduced Simply Be dress, but I do NEED the floral AX Curve dress.


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